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Now people are paying more and more attention to Feng Shui in their homes, especially in the bedroom area. People will pay more attention to it. You know, it is easy to encounter beams in the bedroom, so how to deal with it at this time? Now let's introduce how to decorate the bedroom beam and how to solve the problem of having a beam in the bedroom

how to decorate the bedroom beam

1. The position of the bed should first avoid the top pressing of the beam. The bed does not flush the door. The beam pressing machine is even worse than the door punching machine. If it is placed in this way, you can consider setting up a screen at the entrance porch, so that it can play a shielding role. It is also a good choice that the screen can be made by yourself. It is recommended to choose wood or frosted glass here, This material can play a very good privacy

2. How to decorate the bedroom beam? The bed can be placed away from the flush door. If it is placed under the beam, it can be considered to place two stone or craft elephants in this place. You should know that elephants are also very good for the top beam

3. Generally speaking, the beam must not be pressed against the head. If it is inevitable in the bedroom, you can consider pressing it against the foot as the best policy. The most important thing is to decide according to the room structure. The bed can be placed on the wall with a window. When dealing with the problem between the bed and the door, generally speaking, blocks will be placed &39; Door blowing &39; In this way, this phenomenon can be avoided. In this way, it is beautiful and ensures the good privacy of the bedroom. If it is not solved, then we can also consider placing two elephants under the beam, so that we can avoid those phenomena

solution of bedroom with beam

scheme 1. When designing the ceiling, you can use large arc plus indirect lighting to weaken the beam. This design method can make the whole living room look tall and bright, and give people different fields, which is especially suitable for the conversion zone

scheme 2. Indirect lighting increases the sense of hierarchy

in space decoration, it can be done through the design method of indirect lighting, so that the visual beam in the bedroom space can be reduced. At the same time, it can also be considered that the white film glass behind the mirror wall can have a private effect, supplemented by the height design, which can also change the different functions of the space

scheme 3. Integrate a variety of design elements

if you can't make the ceiling of the bedroom too monotonous in the design, you can use this way, using glass, mirror and other elements to add a sense of fashion, such as using some black acrylic carved totems, which can make the bedroom have a kind of space bonus and weaken the vision of the beam

summary: This is about how to decorate the bedroom beam and the solution of the bedroom beam. When you find that there is a beam in the bedroom, you must not be careless in the decoration process. If you don't destroy the home feng shui, you can take the above methods to solve it. I hope the above introduction is helpful to you




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