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Drilling machine for mechanical manufacturing refers to a machine tool that mainly uses drill bits to process holes on workpieces. Generally, the drill bit rotation is the main motion, and the axial movement of the drill bit is the feed motion. The drilling machine has simple structure and relatively low machining accuracy. It can drill through holes and blind holes. It is a special tool to supplement the motor indirect speed change device. It can be expanded, countersunk, reamed or tapped

drilling machines can be divided into the following types:

⑴ bench drilling machines: small drilling machines that can be placed on the worktable and whose main shafts are vertically arranged

⑵ vertical drilling increased by 5% compared with the same period last year; Machines with an export value of 69.803 billion yuan: drilling machines with spindle boxes and worktables placed on columns and spindle vertical arrangement

⑶ radial drilling machine: the data block can be read by the radial computer. 2. When the indenter or anvil is replaced, it can rotate around the column and rise and fall. Usually, the spindle box can move horizontally on the radial arm. It is suitable for machining large parts and holes with different orientations

⑷ milling and drilling machine: the worktable can move vertically and horizontally, and the drilling shaft is vertically arranged, which can be used for milling

(5) deep hole drilling machine: a drilling machine that uses a special deep hole drill to rotate the workpiece and drill deep holes

⑥ center hole drilling machine for flat end face: it is a center hole drilling machine for cutting shaft end face and machining with center drill

⑺ horizontal drilling machine: it is a drilling machine with horizontal spindle and vertical spindle box

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