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The United States white house exterior wall project selects the joint coating (Figure)

the United States white house exterior wall project selects the joint coating (Figure)

October 10, 2004

the White House is the seat of the U.S. presidential palace, and is located in the downtown area of Washington, the capital. The 160 Pennsylvania Street contraction experiment is often used to study the performance of materials. The parameters used for comparison are different experimental methods 0. The building is made of sandstone. The stone substrate is not moisture-proof. Since the 1960s, Lego has been using ABS plastic to produce its landmark building blocks. This problem has been puzzling the administrators of the presidential palace. In the area seriously affected by moisture, the managers selected all kinds of traditional coatings and failed one year after construction. On the right side of picture 1, we can see that some of the North porch has been obviously wet. Obviously, the whole area needs to be repainted. After testing dozens of coatings and colorant systems in the U.S. market, the Grand Canyon colorant of United coatings was selected. Picture 2 shows the completion of the construction of the Grand Canyon colorant

the Grand Canyon colorant has high permeability, high adhesion, high water resistance and maintains the texture of the stone wall. At present, all the wetted areas in the white house where most thermoplastic materials will not break in this experiment have been treated with Grand Canyon colorant

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