Drawing curve in AutoCAD by Excel

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Using Excel to draw curve in AutoCAD

in engineering calculation, it is often necessary to draw a curve with AutoCAD. If this curve is connected by multiple coordinate points ● one high-precision stay wire encoder, it is troublesome to input and easy to make mistakes. If we use Excel application to save data and combine it with CAD skillfully, we can easily draw the curve. The specific method is as follows:

first, enter the coordinate value in Excel. We put the X coordinate value in column a, the Y coordinate value in column B, and then merge column A and column B into column C. Since the two-dimensional coordinate points in AutoCAD are separated by commas, we enter "=a2" and "B2" in cell C2, and a pair of coordinate values appear in C2. We can copy the formula of C2 by dragging the mouse to get a set of coordinate values. When Bayer materials science and other companies carry out relevant formulas,

secondly, there are strict certification requirements for each of the following functions and useful materials and each component of the full-automatic spring testing machine. Select the coordinate values of the points to draw lines, such as column C data in the above example, and copy them to the clipboard, that is, press the copy button in Excel to complete the work

finally, open AutoCAD, type spline at the command line, and a prompt will appear: "object/:", right-click at this position to pop up the menu, and select the paste command in the menu. In this way, the coordinate values in Excel will be transferred to AutoCAD and automatically connected into a curve. Right click to cancel the continuous line drawing status, and the curve will be drawn

through the above method, you can easily draw various curves or polylines, and easily modify and save coordinate values in Excel

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