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Driven by Shenzhen Hong Kong Innovation Bay area on December 10, the "Shenzhen Hong Kong Macao science and technology exchange activity - Shenzhen Hong Kong IOT entrepreneur exchange activity" under the guidance of Shenzhen Science and Technology Association, sponsored by Shenzhen IOT Industry Association and supported by Hong Kong IOT chamber of Commerce was grandly held in Donghua Holiday Inn, Shenzhen

with the theme of "Shenzhen Hong Kong Innovation · Bay area drive", the event focused on the current development trend, core technology hotspots and innovative application achievements of the IOT industry, and invited well-known experts and scholars from Shenzhen and Hong Kong to conduct in-depth discussions on topics such as in-depth exploration of new models and new ideas of the IOT industry ecosystem, promoting the pace of Shenzhen Hong Kong cooperation in Dawan District, and creating new opportunities for development

Sunnan, member of the leading Party group of Shenzhen Association for science and technology, and zhuangyijian, chairman of Hong Kong IOT chamber of Commerce, delivered speeches on behalf of Shenzhen and Hong Kong respectively. Zhoushouqin, director and general manager of Shenzhen CIMC Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd., who encourages the R & D, production and use of bio based materials and environmental friendly packaging products, delivered a speech as the chairman of the association. Zhenghuabing, Secretary General of Shenzhen IOT Industry Association, presided over the meeting

in his speech, zhuangyijian, President of the Hong Kong IOT chamber of Commerce, said that in recent years, the cooperation between Guangdong, Hong Kong and Macao has been deepening, and the cooperation in infrastructure, investment and trade, financial services, science and technology education, leisure and tourism, ecological environmental protection, social services and other fields has achieved remarkable results. A multi-level and all-round cooperation pattern has been formed. It is expected that through this event, Shenzhen Hong Kong IOT industry experts will be strongly promoted to participate in the construction of Guangdong Hong Kong Macao Great Bay area and the "the Belt and Road" and the implementation of outstanding program achievements, so as to promote the development of Shenzhen Hong Kong IOT industry. In the future, the IOT associations of Shenzhen and Hong Kong will further strengthen cooperation, build a diversified exchange platform for entrepreneurs from Shenzhen and Hong Kong, so that entrepreneurs from the two places can interact, share, grow together, and help each other and walk hand in hand in cooperation

zhoushouqin, director and general manager of Shenzhen CIMC Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd., said in his speech that with Guangdong, Hong Kong and Macao Dawan District taking high-end equipment manufacturing and new materials as new pillar industries, IOT technology will have broad development prospects in the field of high-end equipment manufacturing in Shenzhen. The application field of IOT is constantly expanding, and new application scenarios will continue to emerge. The IOT industry has ushered in its golden age. In the future, Shenzhen IOT Industry Association will continue to focus on industrial development and enterprise demand, take building a global IOT industrial ecological community full of temperature, authority and influence as its own responsibility, and make modest contributions to enabling IOT technology innovation and scene application in Guangdong, Hong Kong and Macao Dawan district

scientific planning and forward-looking layout

at the meeting, he Jin, Professor of Peking University, doctoral tutor and director of Shenzhen Key Laboratory of system chip design, said, "in the digital age, how to build a Shenzhen Hong Kong IOT innovation ecosystem?" Made a speech on the topic, and interpreted the development of IOT industry in Guangdong, Hong Kong and Macao Bay area. Professor he introduced the industrial status, system structure and application fields of IOT respectively, and compared the industrial status and environmental advantages of IOT in Shenzhen and Hong Kong. He believes that the construction of Guangdong Hong Kong Macao Great Bay area is a new attempt to promote a new pattern of comprehensive opening up in the new era. The Shenzhen Hong Kong IOT industry must coordinate innovative development, explore new space, create new momentum, cultivate new subjects, build a new system to benchmark the world-class Bay Area, and strive to build a new global economic growth pole

gathering leading-edge ideas and sharing expert feast

subsequently, well-known experts and scholars of Shenzhen Hong Kong IOT industry, both on-site and via live broadcast, discussed how Shenzhen Hong Kong IOT enterprises can better integrate into the "the Belt and Road" strategy Under the strategic opportunity of "Guangdong Hong Kong Macao Bay Area", Shenzhen Hong Kong IOT enterprises should brief the National Engineering Laboratory on how to achieve better coordinated development The two topics were discussed in depth and their views were expressed respectively

chenyouhua, Dean of the Business School of City University of Hong Kong, made a thematic discussion on "participating in the" the Belt and Road ". He said that in the post new crown and post Trump era, the United States and major developed economies will accelerate the reconstruction of their supply chains, weaken their dependence on China, and create a so-called" resilient global supply chain "that is beneficial to them

in this process, some regions of the the Belt and Road, especially Southeast Asia, have comparative advantages and will become important nodes in the new layout of the resilient global supply chain of western developed economies. Enterprises in Dawan District need to be fully aware of this trend and take advantage of the opportunity of the the Belt and Road to participate in it. Whether Gulf enterprises have the opportunity to participate in the the Belt and Road depends on their own competitiveness and complementarity with the Belt and Road countries

finally, President Chen raised the question "what can we do? What are our strengths?" in view of the "global layout of resilient supply chain - Digital Supply Chain - IOT"

professor HuangGuoQuan, Dean of the Department of industry and manufacturing systems engineering of the University of Hong Kong, Chair Professor of Changjiang Scholars and winner of the national fund for Distinguished Young Scholars, made a thematic discussion on the topic of "the the Belt and Road of digital supply chain, one door and one road of IOT". He said that digital supply chain (including blockchain) can help to visualize, trace the source and complete the information of the the Belt and Road supply chain

Shan Mingxian, chief consultant of Hong Kong productivity, shared the theme of "investigation and Research on the maturity and trend of" industry 4.0 "in Dawan District, Guangdong, Hong Kong and Macao. He introduced in detail the definition and core architecture of industry 4.0, as well as the industrial innovation leading enterprises and successful cases in Dawan District, and jointly discussed the challenges and difficulties of intelligent innovation and intelligent manufacturing in imitating the principle of mosquito mouth needle

Suyu, associate professor of Zhuhai College of Beijing University of technology and member of the academic committee, said that innovation is an important force to promote development. To promote the construction of the "the Belt and Road", we should also adhere to innovation driven development, promote science and technology and industry, optimize the innovation environment and gather innovation resources

hejingyi, general manager of otel Technology (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd., believes that Shenzhen Hong Kong IOT enterprises should find the right entry point, complement their advantages with partners, integrate systems, and provide customers with one-stop overall solutions

bixiaoping, EVP CTO of Shenzhen Jingyue Technology Co., Ltd., said that he hoped to explore and innovate in the large-scale construction related to the smart city, sort out more smart application scenarios in equipment and facility management and energy efficiency management, and look forward to in-depth cooperation with Hong Kong enterprises to establish a Hong Kong ecosystem and do large-scale construction

zhangpeichang, a distinguished associate researcher of Shenzhen University and a high-level talent introduced by the "peacock plan" of Shenzhen, believes that in the face of the historic development opportunity of the high-speed construction of the smart city in Dawan District, IOT enterprises should explore and innovate in the following four aspects to seize the opportunity. First, explore new cooperation modes and further improve the industrial policy and regional policy system; The second is to eliminate the institutional obstacles of regional scientific and technological cooperation and establish a regional innovation platform; The third is to eliminate the institutional obstacles of regional scientific and technological cooperation and establish a regional innovation platform; Fourth, strengthen the construction of institutional soft environment and create a good cultural atmosphere for innovation

xuejunxing, chief engineer of Shenzhen Aerospace Huatuo Technology Co., Ltd., said that the IOT business is fragmented, not large-scale, and lack of standards. The association and the government should play the role of integration, planning, and organization, and explore the industrial model that needs to be considered comprehensively in combination with formula design, processing technology, post-treatment technology, etc. for the coordinated integration of "plan" and "market"

at the end of the meeting, the on-site guests exchanged views on the topic. This activity was recognized and supported by all parties, and the on-site exchange atmosphere was warm. In the future, the association will better pool professional strength and promote the development of the industry

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