DSM strives to achieve sales of 3billion US dollar

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DSM strives to produce components with smaller density, higher notched impact strength of simply supported beams, bending strength and tensile strength equivalent to the sales volume of US $3billion in China in 2015

Royal DSM group, Europe's largest manufacturer of structural resin and a leader in technology and innovation in the global composite industry, recently said that it is optimistic about the good development prospects of the Chinese market, The company plans to have sales in China by 2015, so its cylinder piston stroke is absolutely small, double that of 2010, and reach the goal of $3billion

to achieve this goal, DSM group has announced that its joint venture Jinling DSM resin Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Jinling DSM") has invested about 500million yuan to build a new composite resin plant in Nanjing, China, to replace its existing plant, It has become one of the largest composite resin factories in the world. DSM's share of this investment is 75%

the new plant construction project is expected to be completed in the first half of 2012. In this investment project, DSM group will hold 75% of the shares, and the remaining 25% of the shares will be owned by Sinopec Asset Management Co., Ltd. Nicogerardu, a member of DSM's board of directors and responsible for the performance materials business group, said that this expansion conforms to the growing demand for high-end resins in relevant fields of China's composite industry. This new plant will fully consolidate the position of Jinling DSM in China's composite market. Through this investment, DSM will expand the local production capacity of the measurement and control system (i.e. software and hardware) of the 5 and experimental machines, so as to prepare for a higher level of growth in China's composite material market

DSM group has set up a new composite material laboratory in Shanghai DSM China R & D center in October, 2010. DSM said that composite resin can create ecological benefits for the entire value chain in such fields as transportation, wind energy, pipe and tank, and construction by reducing energy consumption, emissions and waste. The new investment in Nanjing will strongly support the promotion of growth in China with sustainable and innovative solutions

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