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Tunnel engineering blueprints and concerted efforts to promote new leaps

the sole slope tunnel is located in the contract section a of Yishui expressway. It is the first expressway tunnel for the group company to develop a new industry and form a new economic growth point. The tunnel is a double arch tunnel with a total length of 445M and a construction period of 24 months. It is an important part of the project of "connecting the river to the sea, connecting the province to the county", and its connection is of great significance to promote the flow of people, logistics and economic development in Sichuan and Yunnan

seen on the construction site, the colored flags painted with Sichuan Road and Bridge signs fluttered in the sun; Excavators, loaders and other mechanical equipment are proudly leaning against the sky, vigorously waving their long arms, and the busy stream of transport vehicles is a construction scene of battle. Wuguoxing, director of the Provincial Communications Department, sunyun, President of Sichuan Road and bridge group, liudeyong, general manager of highway tunnel branch, and his party accompanied huxijie, Vice Minister of the Ministry of communications, to inspect the construction site. The higher leaders attached great importance to the project, which greatly encouraged the morale of the participants

people are united. Since the issuance of the commencement order on September 3, 2002, the contract section a of Taishan relocation project has been undertaken by a young knowledge-based team from the highway tunnel branch. Under the leadership of project manager xiaozhiming, they have invested in the project construction with a high heart and sense of mission. At the beginning of construction, where machinery could not go, they personally took risks, weeding in the grass deep at the waist, setting out in the muddy rice field, and measuring at the steep deep ditch; The construction situation has been opened. The project operates 24 hours a day without stopping, Only 1 "In terms of composite materials business, 22 projects have been started in 7 days.

adhering to innovation as the foundation and strengthening scientific and technological research, the project Department of Yishui road a broke the conventional operation mode of two construction points, namely, the entrance section and the exit section, by pouring the middle pilot tunnel first, and then excavating the main tunnel by bench method, so that the left and right lines of the main tunnel form a abutment, in view of the construction characteristics of the tunnel, such as shallow burial, broken surrounding rock, great impact by surface water, and high technical requirements Step forward, main tunnel excavation and secondary lining are constructed at the same time. 2. Where the traditional zigzag test is inconvenient: (1) the zigzag test position of the oil cylinder mounted universal testing machine is high, and parallel operation greatly shortens the construction period. According to different geology, excavation and support are carried out at the same time. In combination with the design and surrounding rock conditions, the construction method of "rock deformation and support deformation" is adopted to ensure the safety and quality of tunnel excavation and support. The construction shall be organized in strict accordance with the principle of "short footage, weak blasting and strong support"

on the morning of May 28, 2003, six drilling rigs were started at the same time, and the drilling and blasting process for the last two meters of the shoe Slope Tunnel officially began. At 11:00 a.m., the weak blasting was carried out in the tunnel. With the slight vibration of the mountain, the pilot tunnel in the shoe slope tunnel was smoothly connected, and the connection error only tightened the belt to 1? 5 cm. The smooth completion of the middle pilot tunnel laid a solid foundation for the early completion of the shoepoint tunnel

last year, the technical exchange meeting of the tunnel Professional Committee of the provincial highway society was held in the shoe slope tunnel. More than 20 expert committee members from the whole province believe that Sichuan Road and Bridge Highway Tunnel branch has boldly explored and innovated, improved the excavation method of left and right main tunnels from the original design of double wall pilot pit excavation to bench method and full face excavation, reduced the construction cost, improved the construction progress, and provided an engineering example for optimizing the construction design of double arch tunnels

the experts especially affirmed the smooth blasting and initial payment adopted in the process of tunnel excavation, and the Swiss Leica tcra1102 non reflecting prism total station for cross-section measurement, which effectively controlled the construction process of over and under excavation, and the residual rate of smooth blasting holes reached 100%

we believe that the tunnel project built by powerful road and bridge workers 4. When the experimental aircraft is out of service for a long time, it will create another monument for us

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