DSM practices sustainable development in China

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DSM practices sustainable development in China DSM practices sustainable development in China July 29, 2019 recently, Royal DSM group of the Netherlands announced that in order to further respond to China's "blue sky plan", the company will strive to achieve the annual emission reduction targets of 198 tons of sulfur dioxide, 233 tons of nitrogen oxides and 1008 tons of volatile organic compounds at its DSM River and mountain vitamin C site. In the future, DSM Jiangshan site will continue to invest and transform. It is planned to reduce emissions by 40% by 2020 compared with 2015. 2 draw an experimental curve. In 030, the indirect value chain emissions per ton of products will be reduced by 28% compared with 2016

it is reported that DSM has adopted the highest emission reduction coating in the industry. At the spark site of DSM vitamin (Shanghai) Co., Ltd., in addition to applying the most advanced technology, it continuously monitors and reduces emissions through a number of excellent practices, and achieves excellent emission reduction results. At the same time, a series of upgrades have been implemented at the vitamin C site of DSM Jiangshan Pharmaceutical (Jiangsu) Co., Ltd. and will continue in the future to improve product quality, employee safety, sustainability and production efficiency. The site's practice in reducing greenhouse gas emissions and supporting sustainable development has also been recognized by Jingjiang City and won the best investment Award for environmental friendliness in Jingjiang City. Year on year growth of 5.3%

Dimitri de vreeze, a member of DSM's board of directors, said: "By 2030, DSM will achieve 75% renewable energy power procurement. Under the guidance of our latest strategy 'growth and value - goal oriented, performance driven', DSM will focus on creating sustainable value for interested parties, such as the diameter limitation of the collet that can hold the sample, from strategic planning to daily operation and production In close accordance with the United Nations sustainable development goals, including addressing climate change. "

Dr. jiangweiming, President of DSM China, stressed: "sustainable development is the core of all businesses of DSM, and DSM also implements the concept of sustainable development in all aspects. DSM believes that the decisions made by enterprises must take into account health, climate and energy, as well as resources and circular economy, so that the industry can develop healthily and sustainably."

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