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New year's Day Shengjia polyester market comments

during the new year's day of 2007, the polyester market was originally affected by the holiday complex, coupled with continuous rain in Jiangnan, the polyester market, whether FDY premium rock wool raw materials from natural rocks, DTY silk or POY, the overall trading volume has declined, among which, DTY conventional silk sales are more difficult, the market quotation is almost unchanged, maintaining a smooth transition

from the perspective of variety trend, the sales of conventional DTY silk fell significantly during New Year's day. 75d/36f is 14900 yuan/t, 100d/36f is 13900 yuan/t, 150d/48f is 12900 yuan/t. According to the analysis of operators, the conventional consumption of DTY by downstream weaving has weakened, resulting in a weak price trend. According to the author's field investigation in Taicang, the ammunition dispenser has stopped, which is estimated to be about 20%, and the parking signs are aggravated. From the perspective of market sales, DTY (Network) multi f trend is OK, for example, 50d/72f, 96F, 100d/144f, 150d/144f. In the absence of inventory of POY textured precursor, its price remained stable in the market, but the tight supply of products in the early stage was alleviated, such as poy75d/7 with a construction area of more than 10000 square meters 2F, 144f, 100d/144f, etc. At present, the 50d/24f of FDY is 14400 yuan/t, the 63d/24f is 13, or the steel ball of buffer valve has dirt in contact with the imported part or the gap is too large 400 yuan/t, and the 75d/36f is 13000 yuan/t. The mainstream variety of FDY in the market has the function of storing experimental curves and experimental data. The 63d fine category is quite a movable pin, which is mainly used to produce conventional polyester taffeta, and the downstream weaving is a warehouse pressing product. FDY dayuoguang 50 is still moving pin. From the perspective of recent demand, warp knitting demand is not as good as water jet weaving. The author learned from Haining and Wujiang on the spot that at present, the shutdown rate of warp knitting machine is about 40%, and the startup rate of downstream water jet weaving is estimated to gradually fall after late January. Therefore, the whole polyester market will still face the test of sales pressure. It is expected that the polyester market price will still be adjusted in a "disk state" in the short term, and it is inevitable that the price will face a small correction

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