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Comments on pulp index of China Paper Association in November

in November, the purchasing managers' index of China's manufacturing industry fell slightly, and the year-on-year growth of CPI and PPI also fell. The prosperity of the paper industry also continued to fall, the demand of the paper market was weak, the price fell, and the paper mill reduced the purchase volume of pulp, resulting in the volume and price of the pulp market fell for the third consecutive month in November. According to statistics, in November, the total pulp price index of China Paper Association fell by 6.12% to 126.30 points month on month, and the total volume index fell by 1.82% to 77.61 points month on month. The decline of the price index increased significantly, and the price and volume indexes of various categories of pulp also fell in Part 002 of the code for acceptance of construction quality of all concrete structures GB 50204 ⑵

specifically, in November, the price index of bleached needle wood pulp fell 6.01% to 129.90 points month on month, and the volume index fell 1.88% to 79.96 points month on month. In November, the downstream demand of bleached needle pulp market was still light, the market trading was not prosperous, and the inventory was high. The structure and performance of tensile testing machine fixtures. Before the listing of bleached needle pulp futures, its spot price showed a slight downward trend. After the listing of futures, due to the general pessimism about the later market expectations, the futures price of coniferous pulp fell continuously, superimposed on the light demand of the spot market, and the spot price of coniferous pulp fell sharply at the end of November. In terms of external market, under the pressure of weak market demand and futures listing, pulp mills abandoned their high position and reduced the external market price of bleached needle wood pulp in November by US $per ton, and mainstream brands fell to about US $per ton. The spot price of bleached needle wood pulp fell at the same time, reflecting the bleak situation of the pulp market, while the downstream paper market demand is expected to improve in the later stage, and there is little hope. Before the Spring Festival, the needle leaf pulp market is still bearish, but there may be stabilization and adjustment

in November, the price index of bleached wood pulp fell 7.51% month on month to 121.00 points, and the volume index fell 2.45% month on month to 72 units of n.88 points. The trading volume and price fell again. In November, the market demand for broad-leaved pulp continued to decline, and the inventory of wood pulp in the main port of China was at a new high in recent five years. The transaction of bleached wood pulp was light, and the spot price accelerated to decline. At the same time, affected by the market bleached needle wood pulp market at the end of November, the price of major brands fell during the month. Therefore, it is necessary to equip a tensile machine with a large stroke of about 500 per ton for testing the tensile properties of flexible packaging materials. In terms of the outer market, the outer market price of bleached wood pulp also began to decline in November. The star of Arauco in Chile decreased by $60 per ton, the yilim fell by $30 per ton, and other eucalyptus pulp brands mostly reported flat. Due to high concentration, broad-leaved pulp mills have more say in pricing. In November, the reduction of the outer disc price of bleached broad-leaved wood pulp was not ideal, while the spot price fell significantly, and its futures and spot prices were significantly inverted. At present, the purchasing power of downstream paper mills is still poor, and the market is dominated by rigid demand transactions. Although some external market flattening is conducive to the stabilization of spot prices, under the current situation of supply and demand imbalance of high inventory and low demand, the price of bleached wood pulp is still expected to be easy to fall and difficult to rise in the short term

in terms of natural color pastes, the price index of natural color pastes fell 3.62% month on month to 128.46 points in November; The volume index fell 0.77% month on month to 82.10 points. In November, the overall trading of the natural color pulp market was general, and the decline of pulp price in the month was more obvious than that in October, mainly due to the impact of the pulp market at the end of the month. In the external market, in November, the electronic grade of Arauco Venus in Chile and Prince George in Canada was reduced by $30 per ton, and the black block of Ilim natural color pulp in Russia was flat. In December, Jinxing continued to reduce by $50 per ton, while Wuben continued to report flat. Under the combined influence of continuous light downstream demand and low external market, it is expected that the spot market of this color paste will continue to weaken in the short term

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