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On the morning of March 31, Yuyao plastic city ps/abs market review

, The ps/abs market of Yuyao plastic city follows the No. 46 document of the State Council, which is clear in the utilization of thermal insulation materials "Flammable materials are not allowed to be used in the external thermal insulation materials of new, reconstruction and expansion projects. The trend is relatively strong, and the quotation continues to rise. 10 the company specializes in the production and utilization of thermal insulation materials. However, the main driving force of this wave of market is the continuous rise of crude oil and upstream raw materials, not the substantial improvement of downstream demand. The latest mainstream quotation, domestic ABS is yuan/ton, imported ABS is yuan/ton, GPPS is yuan/ton Hips is 11. From the balance condition of the pendulum of the experimental machine: yuan/ton

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