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Comments on the chemical warehouse receipt of the treasure island Stock Exchange on September 12

the warehouse receipt of the treasure island stock exchange reported that methanol varieties rose as a whole today. The settlement price of me0812 was 3588 yuan/ton, up or down 15 yuan/ton compared with yesterday's settlement. A total of 11302 batches (56510 tons) were traded throughout the day, a decrease of 6847 batches compared with the previous trading day, and the total order volume reached 11133 batches (55665 tons), a decrease of 62 batches compared with the previous trading day

methanol varieties:

the main 0812 varieties opened low again at the 3600 integer level today. In the morning, after a short dip of 3500, they continued to rebound, encountered resistance near 3600, and began to fluctuate between 3560 and 3600; In the afternoon, driven by profit buying, the price broke 3600 and finally closed higher at 3645

message side:

(1) external market: FOB US Gulf cents/gallon, FOB Rotterdam 269 5 euros/ton fell by 8 euros/ton. CFR China's dollar/ton fell by 5 dollars/ton, while CFR Southeast Asia's dollar/ton was flat

(2) domestic market: the latest mainstream quotation in East China fell by 10 yuan/ton; The mainstream quotation in South China is RMB/ton, which is temporarily stable; The mainstream quotation in North China was yuan/ton, and the low-end price fell by 150 yuan/ton

(3) manufacturers/upstream dynamics:

today, a small number of domestic methanol manufacturers' quotations fell, and the overall stability. According to the latest statistical data of Qinhuangdao Port Group, as of September 9, 2008, except for painting, Qinhuangdao Port Group Co existed 8.416 million tons of coal. Compared with August 28, the increase in inventory led to a decrease of about 5-10% in all kinds of coal. NYMEX crude oil October futures closed down $1.71 at $100.87 a barrel overnight

(4) supply dynamics:

Henan Zhongyuan Dahua's newly-built methanol plant with an annual output of 500000 tons is still in the state of shutdown and maintenance. The manufacturer plans to start it in a week, and the specific situation needs to be paid attention to. Henan new poly methanol plant was originally planned to resume on August, but it is still in shutdown. The manufacturer said that in view of the current market, the start-up time is still unclear

technical aspect (methanol in a row):

(1) price trend: the market showed a trend of shock and decline in the short term, stopped falling and rebounded today, and closed slightly higher

(2) K-line shape and volume price relationship: today, the sales volume was reduced significantly, and the order volume was basically flat. From the perspective of K-line and volume energy, the downward momentum is insufficient, and the market has the requirement of shock bottoming in the short term

(3) moving average system (4,9,18), support pressure: from the daily chart, the moving average system is still in short position, and the 60 minute chart moving average goes through the 9th on the 4th. Short term reference support position 3550, 3500, pressure 3716, 3800

(4) the index is kept at 145 ℃ and cooled to room temperature after a period of time: on the daily chart, MACD two lines are dead cross, and the low level is golden cross. In the 60 minute chart, the short position below the zero axis of MACD, and the KD index hovers upward. Overall, there is a tendency to stop falling and stabilize

styrene varieties:

latest developments in the spot market: East China styrene market is mainly calm, with more negotiations at yuan/ton and less trading volume. South China styrene continued to maintain a flat situation in the session. At present, the mainstream price is maintained at yuan/ton. There is a strong wait-and-see sentiment in the market, and there is little chance that the future market will improve. (personal view, for reference only)

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