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Basic functions of Youmeng uc226 lampblack conventional products The experimental accuracy basically conforms to the standard machine gas range set meal smoke range set evaluation use feeling

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Youmeng uc226 range hood gas range set smoke range set specification parameters

origin: Chinese Mainland

brand: um/Youmeng

model: uc226+zj027e

intelligent type: does not support intelligence

range hood model: uc226

range hood exhaust volume: uc226 20 m3/min

Color classification: Black

fuel type: natural gas liquefied gas

control panel material of range hood: toughened glass to increase investment attraction, glass


gas stove structure: embedded

installation position of range hood: side suction

intra city service: intra city door-to-door delivery

after sales service: national joint insurance domestic diaphragm shipment reaches 1.08 billion Ping

smoke stove consumption package category: smoke stove combination

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