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China's tire industry e-commerce analysis report in August 2014

China's tire industry e-commerce analysis report in August 2014

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I. tire e-commerce product analysis

the heat in August, e-commerce soared. On August 3, Gome launched the first e-commerce 8.3 men's day. On the afternoon of August 4, Suning cloud merchants announced the launch of the "100 day battle" from August to November. The first work was the 8.18 anniversary promotion of Suning Tesco. There are various signs that the second half of this year will be the beginning of e-commerce "stumbling". All major e-commerce enterprises are making intensive preparations for online promotional activities. As a tire manufacturer that has entered the e-commerce market for some time, the online operation performance of tire e-commerce this month is gratifying. According to the statistics of China tire Commerce () e-commerce research center, the sales volume of all tire brands increased in August 2014, and the overall operation performance of tire e-commerce was at the upper middle level

1. The best-selling brand

in August 2014, the global tire leader "Michelin" continued to maintain good performance, and was crowned the champion of this month's tire best-selling list. The other two famous international tire brands "Dunlop" and "German horse" jumped up, followed by them with good sales, ranking second and third

2. Top ten best-selling products

according to the competitive advantage data of dawn in China, the "SP T1 205/55r16" of "Dunlop" tire brand won the top with 853 pieces of sales this month, easily winning the title of "best-selling single product this month". Michelin tire "Haoyue Renyue 205/55r16 91v/w" ranked second with a large gap of 580 single product sales this month. Dunlop's other tire "SP T1 195/65r15 Bora Langyi" also successfully ranked among the top three best-selling products with the sales volume of 536 pieces

3. Price distribution of tire e-commerce

in August 2014, the sales price of online tires remained basically unchanged, ranging from 150 yuan to 1500 yuan, while the tire price range of yuan was still the most popular among consumers, with little change compared with last month. This month, the turnover of tires of yuan and Yuan broke through the 10000 pieces mark, and the tire sales of Yuan exceeded 15000 pieces. It can be seen from this that the civilian price is still the most popular among consumers

4. Tire brand popularity

on the tire hot search version of Taobao tmall in August, the world-renowned brand "Michelin" continued to lead other brands with its good reputation and successfully earned the title of "champion of monthly search popularity". While "Dunlop" ranked second this month, other international first-line brands such as "GT", "nexen" and "German marque" also caught up and gained more search volume this month

II. Store analysis

1. Credit rating of tmall flagship store of tires

according to the statistics of China tire Commerce () e-commerce research center, a total of 9 tire brands have entered tmall flagship store at present. According to the existing data, the scores of flagship stores of various tire brands remain at a medium level, whether it is the consistency of product descriptions, or the delivery speed and service attitude of merchants. In addition, from the scoring and evaluation of consumers, it can be seen that at present, the description of merchants is consistent and the satisfaction of service attitude is generally low, and merchants still need to make more efforts in these two aspects

2. Geographical distribution of tire e-commerce

the geographical pattern of tire e-commerce continued to diversify this month. The geographical distribution of e-commerce in Shanghai and Guangzhou accounted for 70% of the country. Beijing, the first tier city that once occupied the "overlord" position in the e-commerce field, lagged behind Zhejiang and Shandong by a narrow gap in sales this month. Other provinces and cities, such as Jiangsu, Jiangxi and other places, have also developed rapidly, trying to reduce their tenure in the tire electricity market from 7 years to 5 years, "12 more points. Electromechanical power: ≤ 1kW Cup", which shows that the regional competition of tire electricity suppliers is bound to be more intense in the future

III. tire e-commerce is still not enough to shake the traditional tire businesses.

auto e-commerce has become a hot topic at present, but it has been subject to various criticisms since its inception. In contrast, the development of tire e-commerce is relatively smooth, and with the continuous development of tires, the current tire model has become mature, but there is no doubt that online sales of tires are still not enough to shake traditional tire businesses. Chinese consumers still consume mainly in physical stores, especially large commodities such as tires, which can be seen and touched in physical stores. Only in this way can consumers feel at ease. In addition, in view of the use characteristics of tires, it seems that the development of tire e-commerce still needs a long time, and there are many obstacles ahead

according to analysis, whether tire e-commerce is recognized by the market also depends on consumers' recognition of its price and convenience. For example, which is more cost-effective to buy from online or traditional sales channels? Can the products purchased on get installation services? wait. Perhaps, consumers don't care much about which sales model. What matters is how to do it to their advantage

therefore, in order to occupy the position of tire e-commerce in terms of lubrication requirements, major manufacturers also need to constantly improve their business models, and gradually cultivate the stickiness of customers' consumption and seize market opportunities by providing more comprehensive and authoritative tire installation consulting services

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