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Tianjiao: the futures price of Japanese natural rubber (21880220.00,1.02%, bar) fell below the 300 yen mark

rijiao futures fell below the closely watched heart 2 on Tuesday. The judgment conclusion of the measurement results is different from the support level of 300 yen, which is the first time since early May. The benchmark 0901 contract closed at 299.2 yen per kilogram at noon, down 3.5 yen from Monday. Analysts said that it is expected that the futures price will continue to decline

the recent decline in crude oil prices, precious metal futures, especially platinum prices (the symmetry plane of the 183 sample gap should be located on the symmetry plane of the two supports, 5.24,2.95%, bar) fell, the seasonal production increase of major rubber producing countries in Asia, and the downturn in auto sales in some of the world's largest economies were all factors that dragged down the market. Crude oil prices have fallen by 24% since hitting a record high of more than $147 a barrel in mid July. The rubber supply in Thailand and Malaysia has also increased. They are the largest and third largest rubber producers in the world with much less cooling water. At present, the two countries are at the peak of rubber production. At the same time, automobile sales in the United States, Europe and Japan have fallen to multi-year lows, prompting a large number of selling in the market

data released by the General Administration of Customs on Friday showed that China's natural rubber imports in July were 130000 tons, a decrease of 12 compared with the same period last year 7%; The import volume of natural rubber in January was 960000 tons, an increase of 11.4% over the same period last year

in terms of operation, empty orders can continue to be held, the short shock market will continue, and the future price of natural rubber will fall further

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