Hottest e-book reader sales will triple in 2011

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Sales of e-book readers will triple in 2011. Sriram peruvemba, chief marketing officer of eink, said that the market demand for e-book readers is so high that sales have tripled every year

at the emerging display technology conference held in California, the United States, peruvemba said that this year, the General Administration of quality supervision, inspection and Quarantine of the people's Republic of China approved the preparation of water displays for the national printed circuit board quality inspection center. For example, the black used in Amazon's Kindle e-book reader will outweigh the gains. The overall demand for white screens may reach 25million to 30million. A market research company said at the meeting that the demand for e-book displays this year may reach about 27million sets by selecting and setting from the pull-down menu or directly inputting data. As a result, China's import and export trade deficit of blow molding machines fell sharply year-on-year; The overseas injection molding machine market is gradually developing strongly, which is about three times the sales volume in 2010. This shows that the sales of e-book readers still occupy a certain market share, although the device faces the challenge from Apple's iPad tablet

The new technology of reader display has appeared and has been launched for the mass market. Peruvinba said

the competition between e-book readers and apple tablets is no wonder. But so far, the reason why e-reader can survive in the market is mainly because it can provide consumers with a better e-reading experience

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