Hottest Dow builds new PMDI plant in Texas

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Dow established a new PMDI unit in Texas

Dow Chemical Company announced plans to establish a new PMDI unit in its Texas plant. The reducer should be cleaned. It is reported that the device has been manufactured since 2002 and was completed and put into operation at the end of 2004. The company also announced that it would shut down the PMDI device in Houston before 2005

David Fischer, vice chairman of global Dow polyurethane industry, said, "this new measure shows that Dow Chemical Company is concerned about maintaining its leading position and growth in the polyurethane industry. After careful consideration and all strategies, we believe that Texas plant is the first choice for Dow to establish PMDI plant." The establishment of this new factory can expand the production scale in the future

because the chain movement was frozen in August 2000, Dow announced that it planned to increase the production scale of PMDI by £ 550 million in 2004, including £ 500 million in the Gulf and £ 50 million in La Porte. However, due to the recession of the global economic environment, the company recently plans to build a new £ 500 million device in Freeport by the end of 2004, and at the same time close the £ 500 million La Porte device, which has no net profit growth and is increasingly demanding on the quality, performance and environmental protection of composite polyurethane adhesive products. The decision of August is still under discussion, and it is expected that it will not be implemented until 2006, depending on the industrial situation

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