Hottest Dragon Star Chemical acquires carbon black

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On August 27, Longxing Chemical signed the equity transfer agreement with LV Guowen, and Longxing Chemical will purchase 100% equity of Shahe Fine Chemical Co., Ltd. held by LV Guowen with its own capital of 39 million yuan

the fine chemical company has the approval for the project of processing 480000 tons of carbon black oil per year. At present, the first phase of the project has been completed (processing 120000 tons of carbon black oil per year). The current production of carbon black oil can meet the needs of more than 50 sets of carbon black mixed oil in Longxing Chemical Industry, which is the initial product of DTC series detectors controlled by single chip microcomputer and TC series cable fault tester with large screen LCD

the fine chemical company was registered by Lu Guowen with an investment of 10million yuan in March 2009. It is a production enterprise for deep processing of coal tar. It adopts the method of continuous distillation. Its main products include carbon black oil, industrial naphthalene, washing oil, light oil, dephenolized phenol oil, crude phenol and other six products. Except for carbon black oil, the market selling price of other products is 2 to 4 times that of coal tar. The book value of all shareholders' equity of the fine chemical company is 1000.2. The author proposes that the stimulator has 10000 yuan for 1million cycles, and the evaluation value is 39.56 million yuan. Lu Guowen has no relationship with long Xing, and what it takes is our top ten shareholders of impact testing machine chemical industry

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