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Talking about the application of ultra-fine dry powder in the fire protection of wood processing enterprises

in recent years, with the acceleration of national economic construction, wood processing enterprises have sprung up all over the country. However, when the workpiece is small or unstable, while bringing economic benefits, the fire safety problem is also becoming increasingly prominent, and fire accidents occur from time to time. In particular, the fire-fighting processing enterprises built in residential areas directly pose a threat to the lives of nearby residents and add an disharmonious "note" to the society. Therefore, it is of great significance to do a good job of fire protection in wood processing enterprises to reduce unsafe factors

I. wood processing enterprises are especially convenient to add corresponding devices to do various material mechanics experiments.

(I) there are many inflammables and inflammables, which are easy to form a continuous fire situation and cause major property losses. Most of the wood processing enterprises are small family visits, and many owners' houses are adjacent to the processing sites. The furniture in the houses are made of wood and other combustibles. In case of a fire, a large number of inflammables and combustibles lead to fierce combustion and rapid spread of the fire, which is easy to form a "continuous fire camp" situation and cause major property losses

(II) there are many factors that induce fire. Wood processing enterprises use a lot of fire, electricity and gas. When the weather is cold, many wood processing enterprises mostly use open fire for heating indoors and even in the plant area. They use stoves or liquefied gas stoves for cooking, and most lighting lamps use iodine tungsten lamps. They lack common sense of electricity, and the installation does not meet the requirements. If they neglect management, they are very likely to cause fire; In addition, the owners and employees have weak awareness of fire safety, the electrical lines are pulled and connected disorderly, and the free use of open flames and smoking are also important factors causing fires

(III) in case of fire, it is easy to cause building collapse and even casualties. Most wood processing enterprises are brick and wood simple structures, which are adjacent to each other, and even "combine the processing, storage, operation, accommodation and other places into one". The fire separation between places does not meet the requirements, and the fire compartment in the plant area does not meet the requirements. Cui Lixin, the staff's fire safety idea, has a poor understanding, and illegal operations occur from time to time. Once a fire occurs, it is very easy to cause buildings to collapse, and even casualties

(IV) it is difficult to put out a fire. In case of fire in wood processing enterprises, there are many inflammables, combustibles, large space and rapid spread, which are easy to cause new ignition points, and it is difficult for firefighters to put out the fire quickly. Moreover, most wood processing enterprises are far away from the urban area, and there are few water sources nearby. The setting of fire lanes in the place does not meet the requirements or the fire lanes are not unblocked. In case of a fire, it is difficult for the enterprises to carry out self rescue, and it is also difficult for fire engines to rush to the scene at the first time

II. The main problems of wood processing enterprises in fire protection

(I) the enterprise does not have a sound fire protection organization and fire safety rules and regulations. According to the investigation, most wood processing enterprises are basically not equipped with full-time firefighters, and the owners' awareness of fire safety is weak. "Everything depends on money", and the fire work is simply not ranked

(II) poor personnel quality. Most of the personnel of wood processing enterprises are idle personnel recruited from rural areas or society, have not received systematic fire-fighting training, lack basic fire-fighting knowledge, know little about the safe use of electricity and fire, and illegal operations often occur in production

(III) the plant equipment of the enterprise is simple and the process level is low. Due to lack of funds and rush to launch, most wood processing enterprises have simple workshops, low fire resistance rating of buildings, and most of the equipment used are obsolete and outdated equipment and unqualified or self-made and modified equipment. The installation quality is poor, and the safety is not guaranteed. They are put into production without inspection and acceptance by any department. It is very easy to cause fire accidents due to unqualified installation of electrical circuits, careless use of fire, etc

(IV) lack of fire-fighting facilities and equipment. Due to the classification of spring fatigue machine and how to choose the right equipment? Under the influence of the owner's "everything depends on money" and short-term behavior, most wood processing enterprises are not equipped with fire-fighting facilities and equipment, and some enterprises are only equipped with a few fire extinguishers. There is no fire-fighting water source in the plant area, and the employees lack fire-fighting knowledge. Once there is a fire, they will be helpless, causing a small fire to cause a major disaster

(V) some wood processing plants are built in residential areas, and the fire separation from residential buildings is not enough, or the purpose of residential buildings is changed for wood processing. In case of fire, it will pose a great threat to residential areas

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