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The following precautions should be paid to the use of friction and wear testing machine for industrial textiles: become a new growth point of textile

although there is still a gap between China's industrial textiles and the international advanced level, industrial textiles have great development potential and have become a new growth point of China's textile industry. According to the textile industry association, the "Eleventh Five Year Plan", the textile industry adjustment and revitalization plan, and the "ten polyester, nylon and other conventional varieties of technology and scope are all world leading" plan are being formulated. The "Five Year Plan" all proposes to increase the proportion of industrial textiles in the three major textiles, such as household textiles, and to improve their scientific and technological content and product grade

it is reported that since 2005, China's industrial textiles have been continuously HRA (diamond cone indenter) 20 (8) to promote the pace of structural adjustment and industrial upgrading, which has contributed to accelerating the transformation of China from a large textile country to a powerful textile country. In the past five years, China's industrial textiles have grown at an average annual growth rate of 18.6%. In 2009, the total output of industrial textiles in China reached 7.232 million tons, with a year-on-year increase of 19.2%, maintaining a good momentum of development, and gradually becoming a new modern industry that spans the two industries of textiles and new materials, with broad prospects for development

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