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Industry 4.0 popular science: the composition of intelligent manufacturing system in China

intelligent manufacturing system architecture is built through three dimensions: life cycle, system level and intelligent function. Graphene, which mainly solves the standard architecture and framework of intelligent manufacturing, can be used for modeling research in many advanced materials and devices

life cycle is a chain collection composed of a series of interrelated value creation activities, such as design, production, logistics, sales, service, etc

the system level includes five layers: equipment layer, control layer, workshop layer, enterprise layer and collaboration layer. The system level of intelligent manufacturing reflects the intellectualization of equipment, which restricts the development of major projects and key industries in China to a certain extent, and the trend of Internet Protocol (IP) and network flattening

intelligent functions include five layers: resource elements, system integration, interconnection, information fusion and emerging business forms

(1) resource elements include physical entities such as design and construction drawings, product process documents, raw materials, manufacturing equipment, production workshops and factories, as well as energy sources such as electricity and gas. In addition, people can also be regarded as an integral part of resources

(2) system integration refers to the integration of raw materials, parts, energy, equipment and other manufacturing resources through information technology such as QR code, RFID, software and so on. From small to large, realize the integration from intelligent equipment to intelligent production unit, intelligent production line, digital workshop, intelligent factory and even intelligent manufacturing system

(3) interconnection refers to the interconnection between machines, between machines and control systems, and between enterprises through wired, wireless and other communication technologies

(4) information fusion refers to the use of new generation information technologies such as cloud computing and big data on the basis of system integration and communication to realize information collaboration and sharing on the premise of ensuring information security

(5) emerging formats include personalized customization, remote operation and maintenance, industrial cloud and other service-oriented manufacturing models

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