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The software of industrial technology urgently needs to go out of the "no man's land"

"to promote the development of industrial interconnection, we should create a good ecological environment, actively build an industrial interconnection platform, increase investment in the development of industrial apps, and focus on the development of industrial apps based on machine and equipment parameters, combined with industrial scenarios, which can solve the actual pain points of enterprises." Recently, Ni Guangnan, an academician of the Chinese Academy of engineering, said at the first national industrial app million Grand Prix of "root cloud Cup" launched in Changsha

industrial app refers to the software applied in the industrial field. It is also the "software" of industrial technology, which "solidifies" industrial technology, process experience, manufacturing knowledge and methods in an explicit, digital and systematic process. In this way, there is no need to worry about the core technology and process in the industry, which will be "lost" with the retirement and loss of core technicians

in China, "industrial app" is a new term, but in the industrial field of developed countries, this kind of APP has long condensed its core competitiveness. Take Boeing as an example, the development process of the company's new model involves tens of thousands of software, including more than 7000 industrial software, which is a "unique secret" that precipitates the core technology of the enterprise

data predict that the global industrial app market will exceed US $225billion by 2020. The global CNC machine tool market is about 230 billion US dollars. This is equivalent to rebuilding a global CNC machine tool market. Disproportionately, China's industrial app market is not even a "blue ocean", almost a "no man's land"

"we should concentrate on solving the bottleneck problems such as weak core technology innovation ability and weak ecological construction ability in the software and information technology service industry." Not long ago, at the National Symposium on informatization and software service industry held in Nanning, Chen Zhaoxiong, Vice Minister of the Ministry of industry and information technology, said

Xia Gang, chief engineer of China Information Security Research Institute, explained to science and technology that industrial apps can be divided into three categories according to their uses: the first category is basic generic apps such as CAD design software; The second category is AP commonly used in industries such as electromagnetic simulation, most of which are p. These two categories are "marketable goods"; The third kind of "enterprise proprietary apps", such as thousands of unique secrets owned by Boeing and Dassault, are non-sale products or sky high priced luxury goods

"We should not only research and develop basic generic and industry-wide apps, but also vigorously support the research and development of unique secret industrial software. On the one hand, the research and development of independent industrial apps can promote the lifting of the ban on foreign non-commercial products and the sharp reduction of luxury goods, which is conducive to the introduction of foreign advanced industrial technology and help China get rid of passivity in the national trade war; on the other hand, the application of independent industrial apps to the manufacturing industry is conducive to the protection of China's manufacturing intellectual property rights, Promoting made in China 2025 is of great strategic significance. " Xia Gang said

cultivating an industrial interconnection ecosystem is also expected to give birth to China's industrial software giants. Xia Gang said that industrial interconnection is an open symbiotic ecosystem. Independent research and development is not equal to closure. Industrial interconnection can integrate domestic and foreign industrial technology resources and realize the demand traction, collaborative development, market promotion and technical services of industrial apps. Once the independent industrial software has made a breakthrough in marketization and scale, it can promote the mergers and acquisitions of industrial software enterprises. "At that time, industrial software giants such as ANSYS and ESI may be born in China."

"the lessons left by the field of chips and operating systems in China include the lack of ecology. This has a warning for the development of industrial software. We should actively cultivate its upstream and downstream ecology, do a good job in the experience of users or take the tortuous auxiliary parts recommended by the manufacturer. Only by making products comparable to similar software outside the United States, can we really implant our own industrial software into the manufacturing industry."

"holding the competition is to focus on ecological cultivation. Let more enterprises realize that they can be like making apps. The third medical plastics forum held at Chinaplas exhibition this year will be the best one in history, and participate in the production of industrial apps." He Dongdong, the organizer of the "root cloud Cup" competition and CEO of Shugen Internet, said

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