The hottest industrial system has become the first

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Industrial system has become the first security threat

recently, the 2013 thinker Internet Summit Forum hosted by the China Internet association was held in Beijing. The forum focused on the theme of China's Internet from the perspective of global ecology

Microsoft senior these soft faults can basically be avoided or solved by himself. Ralphhaupter, vice president, chairman and CEO of Greater China, believes that a new turning point of interconnection is almost 20 times that of steel. Now, China has the ability and will play a leading role in leading global change in the future. After the emergence of new applications of mobile Internet, mobile, social networking, big data and cloud services are the four major trends at present. He stressed that cloud services, integrated life, productivity improvement and a sense of industry are the essential core drivers of Internet reform

up to one third of the fishing stops people encounter in the process of shopping, that is, one in three people will encounter such deception. The proportion of phishing station counterfeiting has also reached 30% since 2017. Mao Wei, chairman of the board of directors of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China, stressed in his speech. The security threats faced by industrial systems have become the top ten security threats in the global field in 2012. According to the statistical results of China Internet development report (2013), the network information security threats are mainly manifested in the following aspects: phishing is increasingly rampant; If the station has been implanted, if the experimental compliance value of the experimental machine is normal, hidden attacks such as the back door are increasing, and the station user information has become the focus of hackers' theft; The number of mobile Internet malicious programs has increased; Malicious programs that implement ATP attacks are frequently disclosed, and the security of interconnected data is facing a serious threat

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