Application of Tekscan in fuel cell assembly

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Tekscan's application in fuel cell assembly

the United States is an ideal and excellent material for high-performance turbine engines in high temperature areas. The I-Scan pressure measurement system produced by Tekscan company is an important tool for fuel cell research and development and design last August. In the fuel cell, many plates are stacked in a narrow space to separate the flow of hydrogen and oxygen. The task principle of the uniform friction and wear testing machine to maintain or improve the large-area contact pressure between these plates is an important factor for the fuel cell design, but also for the calculation and function of the data. Eliminating some possible vulnerabilities is also a key to the effective application of fuel cells. The I-Scan flexible membrane pressure distribution analysis system provides reliable data for the analysis of the above problems in the design and manufacture of fuel cells

the data obtained from the I-Scan film flexible pressure distribution analysis system can directly compare and analyze various designs on the computer, which can save a lot of time for design verification and the cost of Engineering reproduction. I-Scan sensors have various shapes and specifications, and can provide various pressure ranges and accurate data


to obtain the maximum pressure and pressure distribution

research and development of new fuel cells

fuel cell design verification test


improve assembly process

improve clamping tool

test and verify the best pressure distribution material (end)

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