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A variety of industries promote the growth of China's motion controller Market

The Research Report on China's motion controller Market released by IMS research in Shanghai (September, 2010) points out that due to the strong demand of downstream mechanical equipment manufacturers for motion controllers, the market capacity of China's general motion controller (GMC) is expected to reach $1.065 billion in 2014, while the market size of CNC Motion Controller will reach $1.239 billion

analyst Zhou WanMu believes that machine manual control is now 1 talking about publicizing the button box! The operation is more in line with the humanized bed. The textile machinery, rubber and plastic machinery, printing machinery and packaging machinery industries account for more than 80% of the sales of China's motion control market. Now and in the future, they will be the main market of motion controllers. However, the demand for motion controllers in the food and beverage machinery, tobacco machinery, medical equipment and scientific research equipment industries has been growing steadily because they are closely related to people's lives. Therefore, the demand for motion controllers in this kind of machinery industry has been growing steadily

although the electronics and semiconductor machinery and equipment industry suffered some shocks at the end of 2008, the application of motion controllers in electronics and semiconductor machinery without acting as the main body of producers has been growing. In 2009 and 2010, due to the huge capital investment in the electronic manufacturing industry and the pull of terminal consumption, the sales of motion controllers in electronics and semiconductor machinery and equipment rebounded strongly. As one of the most important electronic manufacturing bases in the world, China's electronic manufacturing and Electronic Group adhere to the whole industrial chain, the idea of park development, and the demand and output of semiconductor equipment have increased steadily. IMS research predicts that these industries will not be transferred to other countries with lower costs on a large scale for a long time, Therefore, in the next few years, the sales of motion controllers in the electronic and semiconductor mechanical equipment industry will maintain a rapid growth

as OEM manufacturers of machinery manufacturing become more and more familiar with motion controller products, motion controller has been expanding its application field and scope, and has made breakthroughs in some non-traditional sub industries. Although these industries only occupy a small market of the motion controller market, these fields will become profit growth points in the future, and also provide market opportunities for many small and medium-sized companies. For example, wind variable pitch control system, oil field pumping unit, flame cutting machine, silicon chip cutting machine, sun chasing system, spring machine, hair planting machine and so on

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