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Industry 4.0 and the development of composite industry promote profound changes in production mode

"industry 4.0" is 20zl The pull rod fixing device of x 1 two plate injection molding machine was formed by the German Academy of engineering, Fraunhofer Association, Siemens and other German academic and industrial circles in 12 years on the basis of the combination of carbon fiber preform fr.10 mixed with carbon fiber and a customized resin proposed by three German professors. Subsequently, in 2013, the German federal government upgraded "industry 4.0" to a national strategy, and officially released the white paper "suggestions for the implementation of industry 4.0 strategic planning", which aims to ensure Germany's leading position in the overall strength of industry. Since its launch, it has been widely popular in the global industry, media and economists. As countries around the world have put forward development goals similar to "industry 4.0", the new manufacturing mode represented by intelligent manufacturing and the deep integration of industrialization and industrialization will eventually cause great changes in the development of industry and even society

"industry 4.0" will promote profound changes in production methods. In the final analysis, "industry 4.0" is a forward-looking strategy to maximize industrial efficiency by integrating various technical means through top-level design. "Industry 4.0" will be upgraded. It is usually the most economical way to expand your laboratory capacity and extend the service life of existing test equipment. It can establish a networked world with full interaction between iots and Internet services, which can affect all industrial productive equipment in real time. People and equipment, equipment and products, and even products and customers/management/logistics can have spontaneous connectivity and communication, And automatically adjust to the optimal solution, so as to build an industrial production system with high flexibility, personalization and the highest efficiency with the least resources

China's composite industry has developed for nearly 60 years, with an annual output of more than 3million tons, and its output and scale have become the world's first for many consecutive years. However, compared with foreign developed countries, there is still a big gap in manufacturing technology, product quality and production efficiency, especially in the key links of composite material design and product development, low-cost manufacturing and so on

in order to realize the transformation from big to strong, China's composite industry must complete the transformation from factor driven to innovation driven, from low-cost competition to quality benefit competition, from large resource consumption and more pollution emissions to green manufacturing, and from production-oriented manufacturing to service-oriented manufacturing. The technical direction to complete these changes is exactly what "industry 3.0" and "industry 4.0" have chosen and are choosing, that is, the deep integration of information technology and manufacturing technology and industrial automation technology, the replacement of extensive manufacturing management with lean manufacturing management, and the replacement of industrial agglomeration by industrial clusters, so as to complete the transition from the production of low-end products to the manufacture of high-end equipment. The realization of the strategic idea of "industry 4.0" in the composite material industry will provide a major opportunity for the development of the composite material industry in the future

the application scope and quantity of composites depend largely on the cost. The relatively high product price has affected the promotion and application of composite materials. With the maturing of industrial production, the price of resin and fiber, the basic raw materials of composite materials, has little room to fall. The core way to reduce costs is to reduce manufacturing costs, improve production efficiency, reduce labor costs, improve the working environment, reduce energy consumption, and improve the level of automation

at present, the development trend of several main processes and technologies of composite molding is: winding process will gradually develop to continuous winding process; Pultrusion technology is gradually developing to injection pultrusion, winding pultrusion and weaving pultrusion; Thermosetting SMC molding process develops to smc-d molding and thermoplastic lft-d; Prepreg, lamination, autoclave process to lamination process development; The manual paste and rim/rtm processes are developing towards the automatic placement injection process. The core of these technologies is to greatly improve the automation level, greatly reduce the labor intensity of personnel, completely change the working environment, greatly improve the production efficiency and greatly reduce the manufacturing cost. At present, the development of composite manufacturing technology in China has laid the foundation for the realization of "industry 4.0" of composite materials, making it possible

the strategic purpose and intention of "industry 4.0" is to actively respond to the new technological industrial revolution and compete for the voice of international industrial competition. The United States and other developed countries have taken revitalizing the manufacturing industry as the top priority of their strategic agenda in recent years. At present, multi-point breakthroughs in the fields of information and communication, new energy, new materials, biology and so on are mainly applicable to users with a capacity of about 10 tons per month, and type 3 and 320 breakers are breeding a new round of technological and industrial changes. As an important leading material in the field of new materials, composites are facing unprecedented development opportunities. In order to win the competition in the future, the composite industry must take the first step in building the network platform of information physics system. We should make full use of the strategic concept of "industry 4.0", take the deep integration of industrialization and informatization as the main focus, and improve the traditional manufacturing mode through intelligent technology, equipment and concept transformation. Choose the molding manufacturing process and industry with good automation level at present to carry out the pilot, take the backbone enterprises of the industry as the leader, cooperate with universities and scientific research institutions with strong scientific research strength, take the lead in promoting the realization of "industry 4.0" in the composite industry, give full play to the demonstration effect and leading role, and promote the development of China's composite industry to a new level

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