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in recent years, the word "environmental protection" has been a hot word in China. With the continuous improvement of people's awareness of environmental protection, the state has paid more and more attention to environmental protection issues for relevant departments. Some people say that 2017 is the "golden year" of China's environmental protection industry. Governance of environmental protection is a war, a war without smoke of gunpowder. Therefore, as one of the top ten door and window brands in China, Cartier doors and windows should strengthen environmental protection and adhere to the road of green development

China's top ten door and window brands: strengthen environmental protection governance, adhere to green development

environmental protection governance has achieved results, green doors and windows have become an important development trend

from the air pollution control situation in the past two years, emission reduction and pollution haze have indeed improved. However, the battle of environmental governance must not be stagnant because of small achievements. Experts predict that in the next few years, while the output of doors and windows increases, the industrial and product structure will also change significantly. The production and R & D of environment-friendly doors and windows and green doors and windows will become the mainstream of the development of the door and window industry. Even in the field of customized doors and windows, environmental protection will also become a factor that cannot be ignored. In other words, the environmental protection performance and health performance of doors and windows will be valued by more and more consumers. More and more green doors and windows and environmental protection doors and windows will enter consumers' homes, and environmental protection doors and windows will also become a key force to stimulate future market demand

door and window enterprises should always bear in mind the importance of environmental protection of doors and windows

under the current situation of increasingly serious homogenization, door and window enterprises must constantly improve their production level, purchase more advanced environmental protection equipment, strengthen environmental protection research investment, and improve the environmental protection value of doors and windows. As the wave of green environmental protection is more and more turbulent, only by paying attention to the environmental protection value of products and producing healthy doors and windows for consumers, can door and window enterprises win in the future market competition

the harmonious development of enterprises and the environment promotes R & D and production. In modern times, consumers are more in pursuit of high-quality home construction, green environmental protection and energy conservation. At the same time, our people's living consumption level is higher than we thought. Because there are many rich people in China, it is understandable that environmentally friendly doors and windows are more suitable for the market. In the market development environment dominated by green and health, Cartier door and window enterprises need to always pay attention to the environmental protection of products. Because consumers pay more attention to product performance, and environmental protection is the most important point

at present, environmental friendly doors and windows and intelligent doors and windows are the mainstream trend of the development of the industry, but whether it is customized or intelligent doors and windows, enterprises should pay attention to the importance of environmental protection. Facing the consumer market and industry environment that pays attention to environmental protection performance, door and window enterprises who can realize the transformation and upgrading of environmental protection as soon as possible will benefit as soon as possible

choose Cartier doors and windows. All requirements for customized doors and windows can change with customers. You can change the size, color and glass style, recommend and design the most suitable customized scheme for you, truly meet the personalized pursuit of different consumer groups, and create a unique high-quality, safe and comfortable home life for you

the products of Cartier doors and windows have passed ISO9001 international quality certification. All products adopt top-level raw material standards, and perfect quality is the most basic guarantee

every product of Cartier doors and windows will adhere to the details, grasp the quality, and formulate detailed quality management standards in every link. Establish a quality assurance system independent of production management. Detailed and controllable management standards have been formulated from product design, process flow, workshop production, transportation and sale




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