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Water and electricity renovation is a concealed project in the decoration. Because it is invisible and untouchable, problems after the house is decorated will need to be repaired with great effort, and the maintenance will often be more destructive and cause a lot of inconvenience. Therefore, when carrying out water and electricity projects, decoration owners must first grasp the principle of paying equal attention to safety and comfort from the aspect of design ideas, and must pay special attention to water and electricity renovation, Be targeted to avoid leaving hidden dangers and subsequent losses

◆ preparations before hydropower transformation

hydropower design is based on the basically mature decoration scheme. The following preparations need to be made before hydropower transformation design

do a good job in the space division between functions, plane furniture layout, and decorative modeling ceiling layout. Examples: for example, the placement and size of beds, wardrobes, computer tables and other equipment, and the size and placement of dining tables in restaurants; In addition, you should know well the model and size of various kitchen and bathroom appliances you like. For example, there are many choices of water heaters, including gas-fired, electric (also divided into heat storage and instant heating), solar energy and 24-hour residential water heater systems. Before water and electricity design, we need to have a general idea of the effect of home decoration

◆ the design scheme accurately avoids overspending

the hydropower transformation design scheme is one of the basic conditions that must be met for the commencement of decoration. Making a perfect hydropower transformation plan can ensure the smooth progress of construction and ensure the integrity, science, safety and reliability of the decoration plan. It is often blind to start construction in a hurry without a detailed hydropower transformation route plan

after the hydropower design positioning scheme is determined, the way of how to route is naturally established. Since the route method has been determined, the quantities will be calculated naturally. The accuracy can be achieved to the extent of eight to nine, and there are rules to follow. Write this budget value and the error value of future settlement into the signed relevant contracts, and it is difficult to overspend

◆ immediate acceptance retain data

because water and electricity transformation is a concealed project, it must be accepted immediately after the completion of water circuit transformation. According to insiders, the acceptance of the circuit is mainly to use megger and multimeter for channel acceptance after the transformation, and conduct channel acceptance, phase and leakage protection test during completion acceptance; The acceptance of the waterway shall strictly implement the waterway pressure. After the cold and hot water pipes are connected with the snake skin pipes, the pressure test shall be carried out, generally 6-8 pressures. After the pressure test, the snake skin pipes connected between the cold and hot water pipes will not be removed, so that the reconstructed water pipes have natural water pressure until the installation stage

after the completion of construction, the construction unit should be required to issue a water circuit diagram, and it is best to leave image data to facilitate the search and maintenance of problems in the future

finally, I would like to remind you that the hydropower transformation should mainly meet the functional needs, and the number of transformation should be reasonably controlled. For example, it is not necessary to reserve ports in every room for networks and fixed phones in weak current; Use kitchen treasures in the kitchen, reduce the number of hot water pipes, etc. In addition, regular decoration companies should be selected. Regular companies have strict requirements for the construction party and process specifications, which can save money for the owner while ensuring the quality of the project





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