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It is difficult to have space for a separate restaurant decoration in the decoration of small houses. We must make full use of it and strive to create a distinctive dining room. When designing the restaurant, good lighting, excellent line of sight and outdoor scenery are all elements that add interest. Wuhan home decoration network has collected several sets of very exquisite restaurant decoration renderings below. Good design elements can be used for reference

the design of the restaurant background wall in full white looks so bright and clean, without any trace of cramped decoration of small houses. Coupled with spacious glass doors and windows, it perfectly ensures the light demand. The wooden dining table is casually covered with the tablecloth with Phellodendron stripes, giving the heat a sense of picnic like leisure. The low-carbon and tablecloth with black and white stripes at the foot set off each other, and the contrast of light and dark adds simple beauty to the decoration of the whole small house. The chandeliers of different sizes and colors on the dining table are also excellent. The paper cover renders personality and fashion, which has become a scenery in the decoration effect map of the small restaurant

the lavender background wall of the restaurant makes the decoration of the whole small house filled with a little romantic flavor. A black-and-white task sketch outlines the artistic beauty, and a small floor lamp is added by using the groove of the wall, which is exquisite and practical. The orange dining chairs have become a color adjustment for the decoration of the plain small restaurant, making the decoration of the small apartment bright in an instant. Compared with the dining chair, the dining table is much simpler. The square dark solid wood dining table is equipped with a green plant and tablecloth, ensuring the dining place of a family of four

the log floor and the white dining room background wall set off the most natural and comfortable dining room layout. The spacious double-sided windows with the white dining room background wall, a spacious and bright feeling, bid farewell to the congestion of small house decoration. Small lockers are placed between the windows, and green plants are placed on them, which become the best ornament in the clean little world, adding a trace of vitality to our dining room. The glass dining table also enhances the permeability of small house decoration. With simple dining chairs, a fresh, simple and comfortable dining environment is achieved




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