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In recent years, with the rapid improvement of living standards, modern householders have more and more personalized pursuit of home decoration. The traditional heating method of radiator and air conditioner is gradually being replaced by ground heating. Although the voice of floor heating in the market is high, in the short term, floor heating has not become the mainstream of home decoration. Scientists have shown that this year the northern hemisphere may face the coldest winter in a thousand years. Industry insiders said that the extremely cold weather in the millennium may bring business opportunities to the floor heating floor and usher in the peak sales season

the floor heating is through the heating pipe buried under the floor &mdash& mdash; Aluminum plastic composite pipe or conductive pipe, which heats the floor to the surface temperature of 18-32 ℃ and evenly radiates heat to the room to achieve the heating effect, has the advantages of uniform heat transfer and large heating area. Therefore, in the near future, floor heating will gradually replace the traditional heating method, and floor heating will become the first choice for home decoration. Because the floor heating floor has not been put forward for a long time, not only consumers are confused about which floor is suitable for floor heating, but also most salespersons of home building materials have little knowledge, so it is difficult to successfully complete the shopping guide task

at present, the country has not formulated relevant standards for floor heating floors, and there is no special floor heating floors. Wood flooring is divided into three categories: solid wood flooring, solid wood composite flooring and laminate flooring. Which kind of floor is suitable for floor heating? Insiders pointed out that the floor heating floor is not limited to a certain category, which can achieve good floor heating effect, but it must meet the following four conditions:

1. The floor size is stable and can withstand temperature changes without damage

2, no deformation, cracking, small coefficient of thermal expansion and cold contraction

3. Environmental protection, no formaldehyde and harmful gas release

4. Do not be afraid of soaking the floor with water (prevent the geothermal pipe from being damaged by water flowing out of the floor). In addition, in the selection of wood flooring, thick bottom is a very key factor. According to insiders, the standard thickness of the floor heating floor is 6.5 ~ 8.5mm, the laminate floor (i.e. general composite floor) is generally 6 ~ 8mm, and the three-layer solid wood composite floor is 8 ~ 9mm. As long as it is an environmentally qualified laminate floor, it can be used as a floor heating floor. Therefore, when buying floor heating flooring, businesses should also screen the characteristics of floor heating flooring to ensure the quality of the flooring, so as to win the trust of consumers and high sales performance in sales




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