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MCC Yinhe Paper Co., Ltd.: realize "1 + 1> 2" multiplication effect

recently, we walked into the workshop of the 200000 ton high-end cultural paper project just commissioned by MCC Yinhe Paper Co., Ltd. and saw crisscross optimization design pipelines. Pulp pipes and hot gas pipes are orderly transporting paper and hot gas used for drying paper from the Western pulp plant to the paper machine workshop on the second floor. After hanging pulp, pressing and shaping, drying, calendering, rolling paper, they are sent to the segmentation assembly line through the transport belt. In a few minutes, the paper pulp turns into pages of cultural paper, and there is no sludge or black water in the whole process. Looking at the huge workshop of nearly 8000 square meters, only 35 people are operating

the 200000 ton high-end stationery production line half a mile long only needs 30 people for such a large output, while the paper machine with 50000 tons in previous years needs 120 people, which is the charm of full automation! After the project is put into operation, MCC Yinhe will increase its production capacity by 200000 tons, increase its annual income by 1.248 billion yuan, profit and tax by 241million yuan and profit by 170million yuan. Liuzhaofeng, the deputy general manager, proudly introduced the complete set of paper machines manufactured by Metso, Finland, with an investment of 118000 yuan and a width of 5.28 meters

on the second floor of the workshop, a high-grade cultural paper cylinder with a width of more than 5 meters and a diameter of 1 meter is being orderly sent to the separator plant through the conveyor belt. Technical experts from Finland, Spain and Austria are walking through the roaring plant

look, as long as these factors are overcome, these are the 30 employees of the division machine assembly line in the southwest plant. They have just returned from the training of Xi'an University of science and technology for one year. Now they are under the guidance of Spanish experts and can take up their posts next month. Biyuyang, director of the Publicity Department of the company, told us excitedly. Although the experts are Spanish and can't speak well, their eyes and actions have become common language symbols at the guidance operation site

I have a one-year learning foundation, and I can understand the explanations of foreign experts. At the commissioning site of the segmentation machine assembly line, a worker was reading about the trial use and maintenance of the segmentation machine line by line using the English Chinese dictionary

liuzhaofeng, deputy general manager of the company, said that the 200000 tons of high-grade cultural paper of the company is the first of its kind in our province. Through the high-grade cultural paper, it can quickly occupy the high-grade cultural paper market. Although it is now in the trial operation stage, nearly ten merchants from Zhejiang, Jiangsu and Guangdong have signed an order that the experimental method is to cut 15mm wide or other sizes at the heat sealing part of the plastic packaging bag. Through market research, their share in similar products will be one twentieth

speaking of why the high-grade cultural paper project has been put into operation so smoothly, deputy manager liuzhaofeng smiled: it took less than a year for the project to enter the production and commissioning stage from the commencement of plant construction. We have the advantages of favorable weather, favorable geographical conditions and harmonious people. We have a pulping capacity of 45 tons and the equipment capacity related to pulp, drying, paper making and pollution control, which is the most important resource advantage for us to expand the industry. Last year, Linqing Yinhe Paper Co., Ltd. seized the opportunity of restructuring with MCC group and caught the train of MCC group, a central enterprise. Sufficient funds, rich resources, advanced technology and management experience poured in

the restructured company has achieved a multiplier effect of 1 + 1> 2 by liberating productivity, revitalizing production factors, refining management, in-depth integration, complementary advantages, comprehensively improving management, stimulating internal vitality, and maximizing the value of various production factors. Within one month after the establishment of MCC Yinhe Paper Co., Ltd., MCC group promptly injected 300million yuan of capital and granted 90million yuan of low interest loans. A number of new large projects, such as 100000 tons of advanced wastewater treatment, 100000 tons of light paper, 200000 tons of high-grade cultural paper, 100000 tons of Poplar pulp, were launched. Last year, the main business income was 6.5 billion yuan, and the profit and tax was 660million yuan, more than doubling in one year. At the same time, the problem of wastewater and waste utilization was solved

in March this year, the enterprise signed another agreement to invest 7.5 billion yuan and build 1.11 billion yuan in five years The company decided to upgrade the transparency of its cobalt supply chain by the end of 2017, and reached an agreement on a 500000 ton papermaking base. By then, the annual sales revenue will be 10billion yuan and the profit and tax will be 1.2 billion yuan

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