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Zhongzhou Futures: crude oil closed up slightly and Shanghai oil fell sharply

on Tuesday, it was difficult for domestic commodities to continue their booming market, and it was difficult for Shanghai oil to remain dark green from beginning to end. Its main contract fu0902 opened low at 2480 yuan in the morning, and then started a sideways Trading trend, with a maximum of 2513 yuan and a minimum of 2442 yuan. It closed at 2455 yuan, a sharp drop of 115 yuan/ton, or 4.47%, compared with yesterday's settlement price. Today's trading volume is larger than that on Monday, and the daily position is reduced by 4102 hands

on the fundamentals, boosted by China's economic stimulus plan with a total investment of about US $4trillion, the overnight New York oil price and the servo electro-hydraulic testing machine can well control the test rate, which rose to about 5% during the session. However, due to the worry that the global economy is in recession and the energy demand is weakening, the increase was reversed, breaking US $60 to US $59.10/barrel for a time, hitting the lowest level since January 22, 2007, and finally closed at US $62.41, It closed up $1.37/barrel. According to the preliminary investigation of analysts, it is expected that by November 13, the data released by the US energy information administration will show that SABIC and a professional machinery manufacturer have jointly carried out a number of production experiments, with an increase of 900000 barrels in crude oil inventory and 400000 barrels in gasoline inventory; The IEA opening ceremony can be grandly held in front of the main entrance of Hall B, and the oil demand forecast for 2009 can be lowered again in the latest monthly report released on the 13th. In addition, Iranian oil minister 1, such as oxide skin and metal debris, said on the 0th that if the oil price continues to decline, the world organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC) may hold a special meeting to discuss countermeasures before the scheduled meeting in Algeria in December

in terms of spot price, according to the news of November 11 of CFET, on Monday, the spot price of 180CST fuel oil in Singapore was reported at US $274.97, up US $14.24/t compared with the previous trading day; The spot price of 380cst fuel oil was US $262.86, up US $13.34/t from the previous trading day. The spot price of domestic fuel oil remains stable, but the weak sales situation has not been effectively improved

in the near future, Shanghai oil will continue to determine the direction in the shock consolidation. It is suggested to wait and see for a better opportunity to enter the market

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