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Zhongzhou Futures: the international crude oil has slightly stabilized, and Shanghai oil has strong toughness, conductivity and thermal conductivity to stop the decline at the same time.

today, the main contract of Shanghai oil 0810 opened at 5256, with a maximum of 5285 and a minimum of 523. Press the print key to start printing 0, and close at 5257, up 27 yuan/ton compared with the previous trading day. The daily position was reduced by 1200 hands, and the daily K line closed at the cross star with the length of up and down shadow lines

international crude oil closed positive and stabilized in the past two days, and Shanghai oil also stopped falling at the same time. After a week's substantial adjustment, the future market of international crude oil may fluctuate. Shino Tanaka, executive director of the International Energy Agency (IEA), said at the "International Energy Policy Outlook Forum" a few days ago that the IEA very much welcomes China to become its member state, and the process of China's accession is proceeding step by step. The U.S. IEA envoy also publicly expressed the hope that China would join the IEA with LED touch screen to help stabilize international oil prices. At present, China has participated in some IEA energy response and clean coal projects. The relationship between the two has been strengthened and is gradually paving the way for China to join the IEA. The retreat of the speculative power of oil price may last for some time, but the power has weakened, and Shanghai oil may fluctuate in the range

in terms of operation, the short-term average shows signs of undercutting the medium-term average, but the trend is not clear. It is recommended to wait and see

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