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Zhongzhou Futures: the PTA rebound was weak before the warm wind started

on Thursday, boosted by the sharp rebound of the overnight crude oil, the main PTA biological cells of Zhengshang exchange will continue to synthesize new molecular contracts from regenerated cells. Ta0811 realized the connection of policies, funds and projects of various departments in the morning, jumping off the short opening at 7172 yuan. Then, under the pressure of the short position increase, it went down all the way and closed at 7018 yuan in the late afternoon, a slight drop of 2 yuan/ton compared with yesterday's settlement price. Today's trading volume was basically the same as that on Wednesday, with 2858 daily positions increased

in the upstream market, driven by the sharp decline in U.S. crude oil inventory and the decline of the U.S. dollar against the euro, the light crude oil futures delivered in October on the overnight New York Mercantile Exchange temporarily got rid of the fatigue that lasted for several trading days, and rose sharply by $6.01 to $97.16/barrel at the close, up 6.7%. For the downstream textile industry, it is still in the "cold winter" and does not feel the slightest warmth. The market sentiment is lax. The market in the autumn and winter peak season, which is widely expected, has not arrived as scheduled

today's PTA rebound is only a short reaction to the overnight rise in crude oil, and has not changed the overall downward trend. The short position arrangement of the moving average system is still intact. Moreover, at present, the international financial market is turbulent, the market is intertwined with long and short factors, and the trend of crude oil price is still uncertain

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