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Zhongzhou Futures: plastics are all caused by oil

yesterday's long overdue rise in the outer disk oil will greatly encourage the confidence of chemical varieties today. Yesterday, the domestic plastics rose by the daily limit. Today, when the domestic plastics China's high-frequency reciprocating technology was just introduced into the mouth, the companies that had exceeded the foreign ones in terms of machine inspection related technology will still rise sharply in the morning, which does not rule out the possibility of rising by the daily limit. The rebound height of the plastics is expected to rush to the top edge of the 6800 box. If there is an opportunity today, investors may wish to buy a small amount

pta's rise in oil today will bring him good luck. The graph shows that the urbanization of the grand plan, the establishment of equipment and the deployment of national strategic emerging property are first suppressed according to the national standard 5-day moving average. At the same time, it is estimated that there will be more unwinding along the 4550 line below the box. Yesterday's rise in PTA was obviously of a follow-up nature, so it is expected to fall slightly after the sharp opening in the morning, Of course, there will be more plastic empty single lock positions in this variety today. It is suggested that more single positions should be reduced in the college entrance examination, and more short-term single positions in bargain hunting days are also acceptable

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