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Small as 4 Sichuan meters (MI) how about redmibook 14 inch mx250? First hand evaluation

Xiaomi (MI) redmibook 14 inch mx250, the latest new product launched in Xiaomi 2019, currently has i5 512g mx250 unique display, i5 256g (2). According to the system used, there are three configuration options: mx250 unique display and i7 512g mx250 unique display. Playing games is recommended for i7 with high demand. I play more games myself. I start with this i7 512g mx250 unique display configuration, a senior rice noodle, This book was bought for my nephew to go to college. After getting it, I simply played with it. It can be said that in the 14 inch book, except for those configured by the money pile, for ordinary people who use it for work and study, this eighth generation u+ full blood mx250 is the most cost-effective. And 3999, really fragrant! Say it carefully and feel it again. In terms of appearance, Xiaomi has always been stable, low-key and good-looking. Anyway, I like this simple style. The screen has a narrow frame with 45% color gamut, which is normal, but the fog screen is usually more comfortable and is not afraid of strong light. There is no camera, but it is rarely used, which is acceptable. The keyboard is full-size, so you won't be too tired to type. Finally, I'll talk about the workmanship. After a careful look at the lower key position, the screws are well matched, with a big factory style, and the corners are also very moist. Also tested the heat dissipation, installed lol and played for 3 rounds. The frame number was very stable, and there was no jamming. The feel should be about 45 degrees. It should be said that the temperature control was done quite well. However, the positioning of this game itself is not a game book. It must be enough for my nephew to go to school. The above. If you want to buy a light and thin book with high performance, this one is definitely worth starting with and recommended

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II. Price quotation of Xiaomi (MI) redmibook:

[JD] Xiaomi (MI) redmibook 14 inch all metal ultra light notebook computer (eighth generation Intel Core IU 8g 512g SSD mx250 2G independent office support bracelet to quickly unlock win10) silver


JD price: ¥ 3999.00

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III. comments on advantages and disadvantages of Xiaomi (MI) redmibook by other users:

1 The computer is very good. The MS plug on the oil pump is good. This configuration is unique in this price. I don't play games. It's very smooth and convenient for working and going on, and I also send a mouse. Great! There are also some disadvantages. There is no camera, the screen resolution is not high, there is a little light leakage, and the heat dissipation is not very good, but there are some disadvantages in this price, which is also very normal and acceptable. My first smart machine is Xiaomi's, and it's also Xiaomi's that I buy it for my family, mainly considering the data acquisition system software Huawei of the fatigue machine verification device often used in China. Although the core components used by Xiaomi are all Laomei, which is not as self reliant as Huawei, who has not yet grown up? I believe that Xiaomi will become the pride of domestic independent innovation brands in the future, and I believe Lei Jun can do it! Come on, Xiaomi! Come on, China

2. Very good, suitable for office, solid state drive, fast speed, beautiful shape, light, very suitable for girls, mouse is also very beautiful, great, I like it very much, I haven't found any problems at present

3. The computer has problems in less than 20 days, and it has not been replaced. This belongs to quality. The quality of Xiaomi computer is really poor

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