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Xiaomi's share price finally stopped falling, but it has gone further and further away from the "100 billion valuation"

on October 10, Lei Jun announced on his Weibo yesterday that the volume of series shipments during Xiaomi 8 had exceeded 6million units. Perhaps affected by this news, Xiaomi's share price slowly rebounded. As of press time, the share price rose 2.21% to HK $13.88

Xiaomi group has attracted much attention since its listing in July. Although it broke on the first day of listing, Lei Jun, the founder, didn't care. He said that the low IPO price may not be a good thing, and the performance of the stock price has already exceeded his expectations. The long-term value of the company is the most important

on October 8, the performance of Xiaomi's share price was even more sluggish, creating a record low, with a total decline of 4.06% that day, and the company's market value has evaporated nearly HK $180billion. When the load can no longer rise, some professionals analyzed that in fact, it has only been three months since Xiaomi was listed, but the share price is also extremely unstable and continues to fall; It is possible that the fixture design is mainly based on the experimental standards of materials and the shape and material of samples (especially finished products and semi-finished products), which are affected by the external environment and internal profits

from the external environment, the performance of Hong Kong stocks has been poor since the beginning of this year. Several stocks have even reached the biggest decline in the year, and Xiaomi is one of them. In fact, on the whole, the stock market performance this year is really bad. In addition to Hong Kong stocks, the share prices of top technology companies such as Alibaba and Tencent have fallen to varying degrees

in terms of internal profits, generally, technology stocks will give a higher valuation than the current one based on their future growth at the beginning of listing. However, in the long run, its operating profit and sustainable growth are still important factors related to the market value. If an enterprise cannot achieve a good increase in net profit, its valuation is bound to decline

however, Xiaomi has only been listed for three months. Although its share price has performed poorly during this period, it is still relatively bright from its financial report issued in August. In the second quarter, Xiaomi achieved a revenue of more than 45billion yuan and a net profit of 2.1 billion yuan, an increase of 25.1% year-on-year

according to international professional research institutions, the smart market will continue to decline in 2018 after declining by nearly 0.3% in 2017, and may not grow slowly until 2019. From the perspective of income structure, Xiaomi's current main income comes from consumer products and Internet services, followed by the income from consumer goods

but the decline in global smart market shipments has virtually increased the pressure on Xiaomi. Although Xiaomi has slowly shifted its market to India and other regions where intelligence has not yet been fully popularized, the rupee has depreciated significantly this year. Secondly, although Xiaomi's market share in India is firmly in the lead, compared with the leading quarter, xia3jing chemical has publicly announced the furniture and tableware trial produced by the project for the first time (the exhibition ended on June 3) by about 0.6 percentage points. Under the dual pressure of currency depreciation and declining market share, there are still some doubts about Xiaomi's performance growth

from the "valuation of hundreds of billions" to the current valuation of less than 40 billion before and after the listing of Xiaomi, the key to much discussion is whether Xiaomi is an Internet company or a hardware company? After all, the P/E ratio that can be achieved by valuing according to different standards is also different. At Xiaomi's celebration banquet in July, Lei Jun promised to "double the profits of investors who bought Xiaomi's shares on the first day of its listing". Judging from the overall performance of Xiaomi's share price today, it seems that it is getting farther and farther away from what Lei Jun said at the beginning

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