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High purity aluminum, electronic aluminum foil and electrode foil products are widely used in the fields of national major equipment manufacturing, national defense and military industry, aerospace, rail transit, electronic information and automobile lightweight. At the beginning of this year, The planning of xiong'an New Area in Hebei Province, the "millennium plan", was finally called out. To the surprise of the public, its long-term control area has reached 2000 square kilometers, and the planning and construction of the whole new area is almost no less than the construction of a new Shenzhen

as early as 2014, when the state proposed the integration of Beijing, Tianjin and Hebei, the construction of rail transit and various infrastructure in this region has been accelerated, and the construction machinery industry has ushered in huge business opportunities in the local area. In 2017, "xiong'an New Area" was born in a historic way, and this area has become a hot spot for the development and reform of the domestic construction machinery industry

some experts have analyzed that it is expected that the investment scale of xiong'an new area will not be less than 10trillion in the coming years. Affected by the multiple pull of urban road + real estate and other facilities construction, the cumulative market space for construction machinery here can reach the level of 100 billion yuan. Therefore, Sany's participation in the construction and development of xiong'an new area is not only an honor and as an industry benchmark enterprise, but also a handshake and embrace with rare historical development opportunities

in the afternoon of May 9, a delegation of high-end customers from xiong'an new area, Hebei Province, just arrived in Changsha, and went to Sany Changsha Industrial Park to carry out an all-round investigation. This time, the high-end customers of xiong'an new area formed a team and took the initiative to request to go to Changsha Industrial Park to carry out a theme inspection, which is not only the trust of this enterprise that has produced a number of world records and industrial miracles in China's construction machinery industry, but also the determination to join hands with Sany to participate in the construction of xiong'an new area

in the construction of the new area, transportation should be the first. For the construction planning of the new area, the development of transportation infrastructure will become the core content of the first construction. The arrival of this high-end customer delegation almost came from cuidongshu, the Secretary General of the national passenger car information joint committee, who said that China's largest construction machinery manufacturer and the world's largest concrete machinery manufacturer had the influence of road construction. Sany Heavy Industry has shown xiong'an guests the most advanced complete sets of concrete equipment and road machinery equipment. Customers feel very satisfied with products that combine advanced digital technology with world-class manufacturing technology

during the three-day visit, the delegation arranged the visit schedule very fully, and Sany Heavy Industry also attached great importance to the guests from the new area. Mr. Xiang Ruan, chairman of the pumping business unit, not only received the guests in person, but also held a special high-end management lecture to exchange various possibilities for future joint development with the guests

Shenzhen in the 1980s and xiong'an in the 21st century

with the arrival of the frenzy of infrastructure construction in xiong'an new area of tensile test, Sany will work with customers in xiong'an new area to promote the millennium plan for the development of xiong'an new area from research and development to long-life production, with high-quality products and quality services, and contribute to the world-class construction machinery manufacturing force for the coordinated development of the integration of Beijing, Tianjin and Hebei

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