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The full label display and anti-counterfeiting effect of milkshakes have both

nowadays, the label packaging of milk drink products is mainly in the two ways of labeling and labeling. As we all know, labeling is suitable for products with regular bottle shape in the pasted area. Only when the surface of the bottle is flat, the label and the pasted object can fit together better; However, the labeling is not limited by the bottle type. Any special-shaped bottle can be labeled, and the maximum shrinkage effect is up to a few meters. The beautiful effect can often achieve an attractive effect. In addition, today's beverage bottle design changes greatly, and there are more and more curve bottles, so more beverage enterprises begin to choose labeling equipment. Moreover, the cost and price of shrink film is far lower than that of sticker, which is more conducive to the promotion and application of labeling machinery. These reasons have prompted the rapid development of labeling equipment in recent years

Leche Pascual group, a famous Spanish dairy company, has launched a new milkshake product in talent cultivation, which adopts the set standard of sleeve international. As for other aluminum products with different properties from AA (8000) series conductor aluminum alloy, Gerresheimer gathered its glass gold terminals produced in bender

the European milkshake market is growing rapidly, and Pascual needs an effective and good-looking label design. Pascual chose the package of sleeper international. The 75ml plastic bottle of this new milkshake product is graceful and very conspicuous. Coupled with the beautiful logo design, it can attract the attention of consumers at once

in addition to being beautiful, this set of labels also provides anti-theft performance for this bottle. This set of labels adopts the sleepercap technology of sleeper international, which wraps the whole body of the bottle in the label, which can tell consumers that this milk shake has not been opened. At the same time, the labeling department along the bottom of the cap is provided with fine holes, so that consumers can easily open the cap

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