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Mine "Scar" big repair: Shanxi set up a professional state-owned enterprise to seek to break the situation

Shanxi is trying to break the situation of "one coal dominating" and restore its ecological vitality from the aspects of land management, so as to drive the benign development of the whole economy and environment

on August 21, Shanxi provincial government station announced the "overall plan of mineral resources in Shanxi Province (year)" (hereinafter referred to as the "plan"). The "plan" proposed that by 2020, the geological environment treatment and restoration area of historical mines will reach 550 square kilometers, and the land reclamation area of mining areas will reach 310 square kilometers

therefore, the plan proposes to encourage and guide social and other multi-channel funds to invest in governance and build a diversified fund investment mechanism

on August 7, Shanxi Dadi Environmental Investment Holding Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Dadi company") was officially established in Taiyuan. Wang Yixin, vice governor of Shanxi Province, said at the unveiling ceremony that Dadi company is a specialized wholly state-owned enterprise in land remediation, solid waste disposal and mine restoration

Wang Yixin said that the establishment of Dadi company was specially established in response to the current situation and problems of Shanxi Province in promoting the construction of development zones, such as large market demand for land, many industrial solid waste disposal problems, heavy mine repair tasks and so on

after interviewing experts in the 21st Century Business Herald, we learned that Dadi company is working intensively, which may serve as a financing platform

According to the industrial and commercial data, the only shareholder of Dadi company is Shanxi provincial state owned assets supervision and Administration Commission, with a registered capital of 2billion yuan. According to Wang Yixin, Dadi company was established on the basis of integrating the four companies affiliated to Shantou group, economic and trade group and energy investment group, and gradually transferred the land remediation, solid waste disposal and mine restoration operational assets of relevant provincial departments to Shanxi Dadi company

according to public information, Qu zhongrang, vice chairman and general manager of Shantou group, served as the chairman of Dadi company. Zhu Jingxue served as the vice chairman and general manager of Dadi company. It is understood that Zhu Jingxue previously worked in the Department of land and resources of Shanxi Province for many years, and has successively served as the director of the mine management department, the supervision department, the geological environment protection department and other departments

the business scope registered by Dadi company includes land remediation, solid waste disposal, investment and financing of mine restoration projects, and asset management; Project design, construction, supervision, bidding, construction, evaluation, acceptance, etc

with regard to the original intention of the establishment of Dadi company, Wang Yixin, vice governor of Shanxi Province, proposed at the provincial state-owned assets supervision and management meeting at the beginning of the year to study the establishment of a new group of Companies in emerging industries according to the development needs of Shanxi, Among them, "Shanxi coal mining subsidence area treatment task is heavy, lasts for a long time, and the market is large, whether we can establish a professional mine repair and land consolidation company; Shanxi has a large amount of industrial solid waste, whether we can establish a professional solid waste treatment company"

Wang Yixin also stressed, "it doesn't mean that we need to follow the old path to establish a number of wholly-owned companies in the province. It's more about the hope that the SASAC or provincial state-owned enterprises will launch and cooperate with the most cutting-edge companies in various fields in the market to do these things. We don't ask for holding shares, but we can make up the short board of Shanxi Province with the thickness of medium and thick steel plates between 10 mm and 200 mm."

on the second day of the listing of Dadi company, the Hong Kong listed company Zhicheng Holdings () announced that it had entered into a five-year strategic cooperation agreement with Dadi company, including but not limited to financing plan, project development and implementation

on August 18, MINJI Ecology (833365), a listed company on the new third board, also signed a strategic cooperation framework agreement with Dadi company. The company said on August 21 that it would conduct in-depth cooperation in the future through the establishment of joint ventures and other forms

"the cooperation between the two sides is based on complementary advantages, and there is no timetable for the establishment of a joint venture." Hou Xian, the Secretary of Minji ecology, told 21st Century Business Herald

people close to the state owned assets supervision and Administration Commission of Shanxi Province told that at present, Dadi company has only determined the leadership candidates, and the specific institutions and departments are still under construction. According to public information, Zhu Jingxue, general manager of Dadi company, went to team 213 of Shanxi Geological Exploration Bureau and Shaanxi land engineering construction group on August 10 and 15

meet the capital needs through multiple channels

the national land remediation plan (2016-2020) released in January this year requires that the Shanxi Henan region should "focus on the restoration of the mine ecological environment, and focus on strengthening the reclamation of industrial and mining wasteland, pollution prevention and control, and the treatment of coal mining subsidence areas"

according to the general plan of mineral resources in Shanxi Province (year), since 2008, the cumulative investment in the restoration and treatment of the geological environment of mines in Shanxi Province has been 21 * *, month * *, year * * 5.3 billion yuan, of which 138 million yuan was invested by the central government, 174 million yuan by local governments, 1.841 billion yuan by mining enterprises, and 362 mines were restored. The mine geological environment restoration and treatment area invested by various funds is nearly 600 square kilometers, and the land reclamation rate of the mining area reaches more than 50%

however, the latest results report of remote sensing monitoring of mine geological environment in 2015 shows that mining in Shanxi Province has formed a large area of mined out areas and subsidence areas, with an area of about 5000 square kilometers and 3000 square kilometers respectively. A total of 2868 villages were damaged by mining

one of the difficulties in mine restoration is capital. On July 5, 2016, the work plan for the comprehensive treatment of coal mining subsidence areas in Shanxi Province (year) (hereinafter referred to as the plan) was issued. It is estimated that the total investment of the comprehensive treatment of coal mining subsidence areas in Shanxi Province is about 30billion yuan, including about 6billion yuan for disaster environmental recovery and land reclamation in subsidence areas and about 2billion yuan for solid waste accumulation treatment

where does this 30billion fund come from? At the beginning of 2016, Zhu Jingxue, then director of the geological and environmental protection division of the Department of land and resources of Shanxi Province, gave a lecture at the "land and resources class" organized by the Department of land and resources. On March 6, 2015, two major leaders of Shanxi Province at that time asked the leading comrades of the State Council in writing to return about 13.8 billion yuan of the annual "two rights" paid to the central government. After that, the State Council approved it

the plan proposes that the funds for comprehensive treatment of coal mining subsidence areas will be composed of government investment, enterprise supporting investment, individual residents' investment and other social investment

in this way, the establishment of Dadi company can not only provide a channel for financial capital expenditure, but also provide a platform for social capital to enter. Quzhongrang, chairman of Dadi company, is also the legal representative of Shanxi Environmental Protection Fund Co., Ltd., which is controlled by Shantou group. This is the only provincial investment and financing unit engaged in environmental and ecological protection among state-owned enterprises in Shanxi Province. At present, the business has been managed by a single special fund, realizing the transformation to environmental protection industry investment

"the comprehensive treatment of coal mining subsidence areas is a large-scale market, which can take the form of PPP to attract social capital. For example, private coal mine owners who withdrew from the integration of coal resources a few years ago not only provide them with investment opportunities, but also reflect their social performance." Qinjianzhi, director of the teaching and Research Office of environmental and resource protection law at the school of law of Shanxi University of Finance and economics, told

in addition to solid waste disposal and mine restoration, guobaomin, director of the state owned assets supervision and Administration Commission of Shanxi Province, introduced in June this year that the function of Dadi company is also to carry out effective land consolidation in Luliang, Linfen and Yuncheng, and provide land for the development zone through transactions after consolidation

the Shanxi provincial government issued a special notice on July 7, requiring the overall implementation of land remediation, land reclamation of relocated villages, land reclamation of industrial and mining wasteland left over by history, and coal mining subsidence area management for the land used in the development zone. The newly added cultivated land can be used for the implementation of the task of supplementing cultivated land in the development zone after verification

in September 2016, Shanxi Province signed the first land exchange transaction of cultivated land occupation and compensation balance index. Kelan County, a poor county in the country, used private investment to complete the development of two sporadic small plots of 96.59 mu, of which 37 Mu was provided for the urban batch construction projects in Jincheng development zone

before 2019, when the coil spring of safety belt is used as an important part of automobile safety belt, Shanxi Province plans to relocate 3350 deeply impoverished natural villages in three batches. The general office of Shanxi Province issued a document on August 9, requiring that when the overall relocation is carried out, the demolition and reclamation should be steadily promoted. After the demolition and reclamation of the old village homestead, ecological restoration should be mainly implemented

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