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Miller has increased the packaging of refrigerators

beer has increased the packaging of small barrels, which is packed in six packages. Now there is the packaging of refrigerators. Got a notice from the beverage industry, m Shenzhen high molecular Industry Association Yang Lishuang 0755 (3) almost supports half of the carton industry 461533 (03): Miller br has the rapid progress of waste plastic recycling technology, Ewing company, announced that they will provide refrigerator packaging of Miller Lite and Miller genuine draft. They will be designed to be more suitable for storage in household refrigerators. Two years ago, Coca Cola's canning system began to use the combined packaging of refrigerator packaging, and achieved success. But Miller was the first enterprise to use beer in this kind of packaging

"this is the next milestone for Miller as a brewer and distributor," said Bob mikulay, Miller's deputy manager of marketing. "This is an innovative packaging for innovative trademarks - we are very satisfied with the results and we believe that beer consumers in the United States will be very satisfied."

the new packaging will be used in the company's two top brands and launched nationwide. In addition, icehouse refrigerator packaging will be promoted in the southeast, and Miller Genuine Draft light refrigerator packaging will be promoted in the South Central

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