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Millions of people learn AI: CSDN build a new ecosystem of AI technology

millions of people learn AI: CSDN build a new ecosystem of AI technology

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original title: millions of people learn AI: CSDN build a new ecosystem of AI technology

standing at the starting point of the new decade of AI development, CSDN will give full play to its developer advantages and jointly build a new technology ecosystem of "millions of people learn AI" with Chinese AI industries and enterprises

author | CSDN new media division

eight years ago, the current Turing Award winner Hinton team used deep learning for the first time in the Imagenet competition to win over other teams such as Google, which immediately caused an uproar in the industry, and many AI start-ups were established to explore and try in the blue ocean of new technology

4 years ago, alphago defeated go world champion Li Shiyu 4:1, completely arousing the attention of ordinary people to AI. The technology giant took the lead in launching the slogan of "all in AI", and all kinds of capital added to the AI market, and the financing amount of AI start-ups kept breaking records

as a developer community, CSDN has become an important platform for Chinese developers to exchange and disseminate AI technical information in the past 10 years. According to the statistics of CSDN, there are about 2.3 million AI related developers on the platform at present. CSDN has witnessed that AI has become a technology, tool, platform and service that developers can use from the early stage, which is difficult to discuss

undoubtedly, AI technology revolution seems to be constantly giving birth to new industries. Unfortunately, the whole AI community has not yet formed a joint force. Technology providers and demanders often do not have a perfect cooperation bridge, and there is a lack of systematic channels for developers to learn that a is only 1I of the size of carbon fiber

Jiang Tao, the founder of CSDN, said that CSDN has helped millions of developers grow faster into developers in the era of artificial intelligence. At the beginning of the new decade, CSDN hopes to work with enterprises in all industries of the AI industry to promote the further development of AI. Therefore, we hope to create a new ecosystem of AI technology by launching "millions of people learn AI"

covering millions of AI related developers

from the perspective of CSDN community with nearly 30million developers, it is still necessary for us to master some frequently used experimental skills with "millions of people learning AI" as the core. Building AI ecological alliance has great potential, which will not only promote the influence of enterprise AI technology, but also affect more potential developers to understand and learn AI

"millions of people learn AI" will output the latest AI technology research and application of all parties in the AI ecological alliance, and the multi-dimensional content of enterprise AI landing practice and cutting-edge views through the forms of content, live broadcast, conference, report, etc. while disseminating the enterprise AI technology ability, it will help to improve the scale of AI developers, and improve the landing, application and promotion of AI technology, so as to feed back the construction of the AI ecological alliance

among them, the implementation of "millions of people learn AI" is divided into three levels:

cover millions of developers: CSDN will cover millions of AI related developers in CSDN through various ways; Turn some of them into developers who really learn AI and applications

affect 100000 AI developers: in the creation of the new ecosystem of "one million people learning AI", let 100000 developers participate in the learning, practice and application of various technologies through various forms, drive developers to participate in the creation of the whole AI technology ecosystem, and have good interaction with AI enterprises

hold a large-scale 10000 person AI developer conference, including offline and online live broadcasts

if you are a developer, there are the following ways to participate:

if you want to participate in the following activities, please scan the QR code to participate

participate in the research of developers and AI

AI technology products are constantly integrating into all walks of life, creating new formats, cultivating new growth and leading new development. In order to better understand the developers, the CSDN community will launch the "developer and AI research" activity. As long as you are an AI related person, you can participate in this survey. After the survey, we will issue the white paper of Chinese AI technology developers based on user data and the survey, pointing out the direction and strategy for China to create a new AI technology ecosystem

respondents who fill in the questionnaire will receive a ticket worth 299 yuan for the live broadcast of the 2020 AI Developers Conference

watch AI master classes and participate in the 10000 Developers Conference

2020 AI developers 10000 conference will be held on June 26 in the form of online live broadcast, so that developers can learn about the current AI cutting-edge technology research, core technology and application, as well as the practical experience of enterprise cases. At the same time, they can also participate in wonderful and diverse developer salons and programming projects. Participating in the forward-looking series of activities and live interaction can not only communicate with 10000 developers who are easy to operate on the Internet, but also have the opportunity to win the exclusive gift of live broadcasting and connect with technology masters

if you are an AI related enterprise and expert, there are the following ways to participate:

participate in the interview and dialogue of the column "AI technology ecology theory"

"AI technology ecology theory" is a character interview column. Through the dialogue with the top experts, entrepreneurs, industry KOLs and other characters in the basic layer, technology layer and application layer of AI technology ecology, their AI technology practice, industry thinking and growth experience are reflected. In 2020, CSDN will interview 1000 + people to outline the map of the most influential people in AI ecology and the panorama of AI industry

participate in the collection and selection of AI cases

the third CSDN top 30+ selection activity was officially launched (March June 2020). In addition to focusing on the implementation of AI technology, 30 AI excellent case practice awards were selected. This selection activity also added 5 AI open source contribution awards and 10 AI cutting-edge company awards

participate in AI master class sharing

excellent AI technologies and products can be shared through AI master class

participate in the ten thousand Ai Developer Conference

the outer diameter of the ten thousand Ai developer conference must also be φ 6- φ 11. We will focus on everyone's eyes and gather the best topics. So that enterprises can better introduce their products and technologies to professional groups, and share successful industry cases and solutions

csdn founder Jiang Tao said: "millions of people are invited to learn AI. Enterprises, experts and technology developers from all industries in all AI industries are welcome to participate. We hope to build a new ecosystem of AI technology, collect and share AI resources of all enterprises, so that developers can better understand AI, so as to help promote the development of AI in the next decade."

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