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The award ceremony was held at the smart manufacturing future industrial Internet Forum of the 2019 Guangzhou Internet + new economy summit. 12 finalists finally confirmed the winning projects after a limited time PK and expert group comprehensive review

at the award ceremony, kuwei, the leader of Guangdong Provincial Department of industry and information technology and Guangdong Industrial interconnection industry alliance, the vice president of Alibaba group and the general manager of Alibaba cloud intelligent IOT business unit, Zhang Yu, the chief engineer of Intel and the chief technical officer of IOT business unit in China, Dr. Guo Zhaohui, the expert of industrial interconnection and intelligent manufacturing and the chief scientist of Shanghai Youye, Peng Zhao, the founder of IOT think tank, and other guests attended the event, And award this significant and valuable honor and award to the winners

first prize

mushroom ring - one-stop IOT application management system of general industrial equipment

second prize, which means that the place near ADM corn wet grinding plant will become an ideal choice

masterlink CPS 9.0-machining collaborative intelligent manufacturing system

Wuxi Weiming Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd.

intelligent plastic - injection molding production cloud MES

Shanghai Zhiyin Information Technology Co., Ltd.

third prize

currentdraw electrical design CAD Department At the Guangzhou industrial interconnection conference in November last year, Alibaba cloud announced the launch of the first industrial app innovation competition, which will combine Intel, IOT think tanks and other manufacturers and ecological partners with new industrial momentum, With the theme of the era of smart manufacturing cloud, Alibaba cloud, based on the first batch of national industrial Internet platforms, has been highly recognized by the fifth national random inspection group. The industrial Internet platform carries out app development, application hosting and distribution, so as to establish a demonstration benchmark for industrial app application

this competition has attracted many excellent teams from the industrial manufacturing industry and traditional software fields to enter. After the online preliminary contest, the second round of the defense and the final of the on-site defense on June 25, the expert jury of the competition follows the standards of Guangdong Provincial Department of industry and information technology for industrial apps, that is, carefully consider the eight scoring standards of application business value, versatility, ease of use, integration, innovation, promotion mode, technical ideas and on-site performance, The first, second and third prizes of this competition were finally selected

application of the first prize of this competition: Mushroom circle equipment manufacturer Edition (IEM) serves the three main bodies of the general industrial equipment industry chain, accurately obtains the real-time operation data of the equipment through mobile IOT technology and sensors, and realizes the full digital connection of equipment - equipment users - equipment service providers - Equipment manufacturers. Help equipment manufacturers monitor the operation data of equipment, provide a digital basis for the research and development of iterative new products, more efficiently manage the production scheduling of spare parts, make production, sales and services more intelligent and transparent, and realize the intelligent transformation of equipment, marketing and services

at the same time, the excellent teams in this competition, including service providers such as Buke, Zhiyin, Weiming, Heihu, Newcool, yinlian, xiekun, Keqiang, have deeply combined with Alibaba cloud in the pilot project of the cloud platform in Guangdong Province and the digital transformation project of Alibaba Tiantian factory. Through the perfect cooperation between Alibaba cloud industrial Internet platform and industrial SaaS software, the original enterprise informatization Intellectualization requires the cost of millions to be reduced to hundreds of thousands, and some even need only 3000 or 5000 yuan a month to digitize factories

at present, Alibaba cloud and software service providers jointly build industrial apps on cloud, which have played a role in many industrial projects. For example, the shangyun project in Guangdong provides a set of lightweight production process traceability management software app for the injection molding home appliance industry, enabling factories to realize the informatization of production process, the transmission of order process to buyers, and the efficient collaboration between buyers and sellers. At present, hundreds of factories have been installed, Supply chain preparation time is shortened by about 10%

among them, Zhisu cloud, a lightweight cloud MES production management system specially used for injection molding plants, can communicate with more than 90% of the global injection molding machines, with stable data transmission and strong compatibility. SaaS cloud deployment, customers do not need to invest in servers and other hardware, and the investment cost is low. After a plastic toy manufacturer in Guangdong launched Zhisu cloud MES system, the production is more transparent and the delivery time of products is controllable; The equipment utilization rate is clear at a glance, and the productivity utility is greatly improved; The product quality can be digitally analyzed, and the yield and customer account reputation have been significantly improved! At present, this solution has been put on sale in the application center of Alibaba cloud IOT market

in addition to the injection molding industry, the process in the machining field is complex and diverse, from single piece flow to multiple varieties, small batch, single variety, large batch and other production organization modes. What are the advantages of Masterlink C rubber fatigue testing machine from Weiming intelligent technology and what are the operating steps of the equipment? PS 9.0-machining collaborative intelligent manufacturing system has opened 90% of the CNC systems on the market through masterlinks1, Then, by using docker on Alibaba cloud platform to quickly deploy app applications, data from equipment data acquisition to work orders, materials, processes, tools, quality, equipment efficiency, remote diagnosis and other links can be quickly accessed to help enterprises carry out efficient and transparent production process control, so that data has become a new productivity of enterprises

Ku Wei, general manager of Alibaba cloud intelligent IOT business department, said: Industrial interconnection will realize the interconnection of factories, consumers, products, information and data in the future, and finally realize the interconnection of all things and reconstruct the production mode of the whole society

Alibaba cloud industrial Internet platform is mainly aimed at the needs of small and medium-sized enterprises in industrial clusters. With the technical characteristics of IOT, big data and mobile Internet, it helps industrial service providers and I experiment: stretch the specimen to fracture SV at a tensile speed of 200mm/min to establish a platform in specific fields, and jointly build a collaborative manufacturing platform based on centralized orders, capacity sharing, centralized procurement, centralized operation and maintenance, etc, Work with ecological partners to build a sustainable industrial cluster platform and innovation center, and reshape China's smart manufacturing brand in the process of helping Industrial Clusters Upgrade and transform as a whole

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