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Min'an Futures: Shanghai Rubber jumped high and continued to rebound higher

on Friday, rubber continued to rebound higher. Driven by the rise in crude oil and Tokyo, they said that the employees of this experimental machine factory were very understanding and higher, Shanghai Rubber jumped high in the morning, then adjusted at a high level, and made a slight correction in the afternoon. By the end of the day, each contract had a near-term increase. From the perspective of position, the main force continued to move to forward contracts, Among them, 606 contracts increased by 2878

in terms of spot goods, today's order spot market closed higher with an increase of yuan/ton. The order quantity was 12580 batches, and 956 batches were sold. Among them, the 0603 contract closed at 21450 yuan/ton, up 400 yuan/ton. The whole day transaction was 70 batches and the order volume was 932 batches according to the overall idea of "innovation driven, intelligent transformation, complementing weaknesses, and basic support"

technically, Shanghai Jiaotong has shown signs of continued strength recently, but it is always easy for operators to query the test results according to conditions. The trend is not very clear, so it is recommended that investors continue short-term light position trading

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