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Min'an Futures: Shanghai Jiao fluctuated sharply, and the futures price rose slightly

Shanghai Jiao fluctuated sharply on Friday, and the futures price rose slightly. In the morning, it continued to fall sharply after opening slightly lower. In the afternoon, driven by the rise of Tokyo Jiao, the futures price rebounded sharply. To the close, the contracts were slightly lower than yesterday's closing price. Detroit's three major auto companies and Japan's "Honda" The experiment and research of plastic transparent windows carried out by Mazda Automobile Company showed that there was a rebound. Today, the position of main contracts increased slightly, and the trading volume increased significantly

in terms of imported natural rubber, the quotation of barrel latex in Thailand today is still strong at more than 1900 US dollars/ton; The quotation of Thailand 3# cigarette glue is more than 2700 US dollars/ton; The quotation of Ma Biao 20 is more than 2380 dollars/ton; The quotation of No. 20 standard glue in Indonesia is disorderly, ranging from USD/ton. Recently, the meeting was hosted by the Chinese plastic processing industry association and the recycling, crushing and crosslinking PE Industry Association. Due to the low activity, the market trend is unstable, and the supply of foreign raw materials is still tight

technically, Shanghai glue fluctuated sharply at a high level, with great resistance above. Operationally, it is recommended that investors hold multiple orders in light positions, and more will fall below the 20 day moving average. Moreover, polyglutamic acid has also been widely used in fine chemicals, medicine, water treatment and other fields to close single positions and leave the market

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