The hottest Min'an futures on Friday, HuJiao made

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Min'an Futures: on Friday, Shanghai Jiao re created a low-level order, which can continue to hold

......................... (2) in the formula: -- the original sample also proposed the development marking of China's waste foam granulator. From Friday, Shanghai Jiao continued to decline, and then hit a new low. Driven by the decline of crude oil and Dongjing Jiao, Shanghai Jiao jumped sharply and opened low in the morning, and maintained a shock consolidation trend at the low level after a slight dip, By the end of the day, all contracts had fallen by about 500 points. In terms of positions, the main 701 contract reduced its positions slightly today, and the trading volume also shrank

fundamentals, According to the weekly report on inventory of the previous period released today, Huo Zhenping, head of graphene cable business of Jiangsu Zhongchao Cable Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Zhongchao cable"), clarified that if such materials with serious fire hazards were allowed to be legally used this week: "First of all, the inventory of rubber warehouse receipts increased by 5400 tons to 36940 tons, and the deliverable inventory increased by 4798 tons to 59300 tons.

technically, Shanghai Rubber hit a new low today, and the downward trend is more obvious. Operationally, it is recommended that investors continue to hold short orders, and if they break the 20 day moving average upward, they will close their short orders out of the market.

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