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The new mining upstart Lovol large excavator fr480e

the new mining upstart Lovol large excavator fr480e

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Lovol fr480e excavator, as one of the representatives of Lovol heavy industry's large tonnage excavators, is another great achievement of Lovol heavy industry's global R & D system. It relies on Lovol construction machinery's Japanese R & D center, with Japanese experts as the project manager, It is a large excavator product newly developed according to the hipdp product creation process. Since 2012, Lovol heavy industries has conducted in-depth research on customer needs, construction conditions, machine hand habits, construction costs and other aspects. Lovol heavy industries has formed a Sino Japanese R & D team composed of 1 for many people, 0 Japanese experts and 152 Chinese researchers. From product definition to new product offline, each equipment has an expert supervising the whole process, which takes 4 years to develop, produce, test and comprehensively market. After its launch, fr480e has fully demonstrated its intelligent, reliable, efficient, safe and comfortable product characteristics in the face of different harsh mining conditions across the country

Lovol excavator fr480e is new.

Lovol excavator fr480e mainly meets the needs of various working conditions of mining. As a whole, reliability is the core feature of the product. The product configuration is consistent with high-end products, and the performance has reached the domestic advanced level. The specific product features are powerful, high reliability, low fuel consumption, and good handling. In terms of strength, the system pressure is 9% higher than that of competing products. The diameter of the oil cylinder is 5mm larger. At the same time, the walking constant pressure and high torque walking mechanism are adopted, which greatly improves the traction of the excavator; In terms of reliability, in the verification stage, the product has passed the long-term mine operation verification to ensure the reliability of the product. At the same time, cetect fuel system and HG70 front blade +nm450 wear-resistant plate are adopted, which improves the strength and wear-resistance of the excavator by 40%, enhances the adaptability and durability of the excavator, can adapt to the harsh working environment, and improves the operation efficiency; In terms of fuel consumption, the best flow rate pipe inner diameter design is adopted, which makes the operation response faster, and the pressure loss is reduced by 14%, greatly reducing fuel consumption; In terms of controllability, first, it is equipped with a low temperature sensitive buffer valve to improve the softness of the action of the whole machine. Second, it uses a low load sensing handle to reduce the operating force by 15%, which makes the driver less tired and has a longer journey. Micro operation is better, which makes it more convenient to automatically calculate various experimental parameters and print test reports

during a series of trial sales and verification of Lovol excavator fr480e, its efficient operation and solid structural design left a deep impression on users. At the same time, the improvement of some details also reflects Lovol's unremitting pursuit of user experience. The driver's cab seat adopts a high-end commercial vehicle seat with mechanical shock absorption and 160 degree reclining, which is convenient for the driver to lie down and rest; At the same time, the armrest and angle adjustable cushion of the business car are adopted to improve the convenience and comfort of the driver; The cold and warm air conditioner is used for the air conditioner. The multi duct design, cool in summer and warm in winter, and a series of comfortable designs reflect Lovol's customer-centered principle

the advent of Lovol fr480e excavator has bred new life and vitality for Lovol large excavator, that is, the core board, to reach the new national standard products. Let's wait and see

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