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Ruijieluo cloud classroom has won three consecutive titles in the desktop virtualization market

recently, ccwresearch, an authoritative ICT research and information institution in China, released the "2016-2017 China Cloud classroom (virtualized computer classroom) solution Market Research Report", which deeply analyzed the demand characteristics and market development trends of desktop virtualization users in China's education industry. According to the data, Ruijie Luoyun classroom accounted for 75.7% of the market share of China's virtualized computer classroom solutions in 2016, ranking first among competitive manufacturers with absolute advantages for three consecutive years

with the vigorous development of IT technology, as one of the hot technologies in the field of virtualization, desktop virtualization has been greatly developed, and technological progress has promoted the gradual rise of user demand. In the education industry, front-line teachers need smarter applications and more convenient information means to improve classroom interaction and teaching quality, narrow the digital divide, further drive the change of teaching and learning, and benefit from the trend of educational informatization. The surge in market demand has attracted more desktop virtualization manufacturers. 1. Due to the high hardness of the samples, steel wire and strand have joined this field, the competition is more intense and the market environment is more mature. Through continuous reform and evolution, Ruijie cloud classroom has always been in the competition. The service purpose of Jinan assaying factory is to maintain an advantageous position based on innovation

2016, on the basis of creating a new standard for computer classrooms, Ruijie cloud classroom embarked on the innovative road of main course teaching. The new features of cloud classroom version 3.0, such as in class testing, layered teaching, flipped classroom, incentive interaction and so on, have won the praise of countless users. Honor, goal, interaction and surprise are innovative functions with the key words of an equipment used to test the fatigue performance of metals and alloy materials in specific environments, such as tension compression, tension compression alternating load, twists and turns change, so that ruijieyun classroom can continue to hone and grow in tens of thousands of main courses, and also let students continue to be inspired, greatly improving their learning initiative. The success of the main course teaching has won a good reputation for Ruijie cloud classroom 3.0, which has greatly increased the number of schools, classrooms and terminals covered by cloud classroom. Up to now, Ruijie cloud classroom has covered more than 9000 schools nationwide, 11000 cloud classroom classrooms and 500000 cloud terminals. Its innovative characteristics close to the teaching classroom have become an important driver of teaching reform

in 2017, Ruijie cloud classroom was upgraded to Ruijie cloud desktop. Relying on more professional scene innovation, Ruijie's market leading position will be further expanded and consolidated. The newly launched cloud classroom 4.0, its Standard Version, enhanced version and examination professional version are connected with different needs one by one, which can not only meet the teaching applications of computer rooms in primary and secondary schools, but also cover the deployment of public computer rooms and electronic reading rooms in Colleges and universities. In order to further meet the needs of users in the education industry, Ruijie also launched a wisdom cloud classroom program including smart integrated tables and chairs, smart learning terminals, and smart handwriting components, realizing a series of leading functions, such as synchronous writing of reality and virtual, eye protection, clean blue screen, and effective protection of students' eyesight. At the same time, the advent of Ruijie cloud office lightning brings faster, reliable and easy-to-use virtual desktop applications to many fields such as government, enterprises, medical treatment and production line MES terminals. Based on Ruijie innovative cloud classroom series Star products, it is bound to bloom the beauty of application in a broader market

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