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Online advertising: manufacturers focus on

the so-called online advertising refers to the business advertising with digital code as the carrier published on Internet sites

in 1997, China's online advertising achieved a zero breakthrough, while in 1999, according to professional statistics, the revenue of online advertising has reached 100million yuan. The advertising industry even believes that Internet advertising will surpass road signs and become the fifth largest media after the traditional four major media (television, radio, newspapers, magazines)

compared with traditional media advertising, online advertising has many inherent advantages. Wide coverage advertising can spread advertising information around the world 24 hours a day (regardless of wind or rain), without geographical restrictions or time restrictions, through the international Internet. The characteristics of the audience are obvious. According to a survey of some people in Shenzhen this year, more than 93% of the people in Shenzhen are aged between 20 and 30, 85% have a monthly income of more than 3000 yuan, and 83% have a bachelor's degree or above, Dongzhongyu, head of the marketing department of Shenzhen Wanyong Information Co., Ltd., concluded: "from these data, people in Shenzhen are a group with great purchasing potential, and the audience base of online advertising is quite good." Traditional media advertisements with good statisticity can only broadcast or publish advertisements unilaterally, but cannot measure the effect of attention caused by advertisements. Unlike online advertisements, accurate records and statistics can be made no matter how many times the advertisements are exposed in front of users or how many times the users click on the advertisements to learn more about the details after they are interested. The price is relatively low. It is said that the cost of advertising for a year at a relatively large station in China is only enough for one month in newspapers and one week on TV

on October 14th, 1994, the first online advertisement appeared on the online edition of the famous Wired magazine in the United States. At&t and other 14 customers' advertising banners began to appear on the homepage. Only three years later, in 1997, the total annual turnover of American online advertising reached 906.5 million US dollars. Although on the whole, the proportion of online advertising in the total turnover of category advertising is not large, this data is of extraordinary significance to people in the media industry, because in the third year after the emergence of TV media in this century, the total turnover of advertising is only 834million US dollars. In this sense, online advertising shows a stronger vitality than TV advertising

although the number of stations on intetnet has reached millions at present, if we do not advertise its address widely in various media (especially on the Internet), the enterprise's stations will inevitably be submerged in the huge Internet. Therefore, the popularity of online advertising has become an inevitable trend. The first commercial online advertisement in China appeared in March, 1997. The communication station is ChinaByte, the advertiser is Ibn (Intel), and the form of advertisement is 468 × 60 like SEI's animated banner, Intel advertising and IBM are the first advertisers to launch advertisements on the Internet in China. Chinanet advertising didn't have a small scale until the beginning of 1998, so the real history of Chinanet advertising is only two years. In 1999, international advertising magazine and the International Advertising Research Institute jointly conducted a survey on China's advertising industry, and found that 56.4% of the advertising industry are optimistic about Internet advertising. On the other hand, both IT industry and advertising industry people will calmly tell you at the same time: "don't expect to rely on online advertising to feed you.". According to a survey released by relevant departments in Shenzhen in early 1999, the turnover of online advertising is less than 1/10000 of the total advertising. The two groups of data, one cold and one hot, reflect a strong contrast. An industry person explained that although many people are optimistic about online advertising, they do not know how to cut in. As online advertising is a new form of advertising, both its carrier intetnet and its operation mode are unfamiliar to people. Another important reason is the imperfect management of online advertising. The state has not yet formulated laws and regulations on online advertising. At present, there is no relevant department involved in management

experts predict that after reaching the mature stage, the proportion of online advertising in the total turnover of category advertising should reach about 10%. This figure is still a little conservative, because according to the current situation in the United States, online advertising has accounted for 15% of the total advertising. An industry insider said optimistically that in the field of Internet. Today in the United States is China's tomorrow. It can be safely said that the prospect of online advertising in China is very considerable

ten forms of online advertising

banner advertising (banner advertising) is the most common form of online advertising. The common size is 486*60 (or 80) pixels. Image files are established in GIF, JPG and other formats. Button button advertisements are placed in the page. There are four common button advertisement sizes: 125*125 (square button), 120*90, 120*60, 88*31 pixels. The size is relatively small, and the expression method is relatively simple. Wallpaper advertisements reflect the advertising content that the advertiser wants to express on the wallpaper, Arrange to put interstitial ads insert ads on stations with wallpaper content, also known as bounce ads. advertisers choose to insert a new window in front of their favorite stations or columns to display wide content

direct marketing direct mail advertisements

also known as mailing list advertisements, use the email list in the electronic publication service of the station to add advertisements to the publications subscribed by readers and distribute them to the corresponding email owners. E-mail advertisements

advertisements are mainly in the form of banner. Advertisements mostly appear on stations with free e-mail services, and often appear on the home page of personal e-mail

sponsorships sponsorship advertising

there are three forms of Sponsorship: content sponsorship, column sponsorship and festival sponsorship. Advertisers can choose the content and programs of the station they are interested in to sponsor

contests & promotions competitions and promotional advertisements

advertisers can jointly organize competitions or promotional activities they think they are interested in with the station

interactive games advertisement

at the beginning, middle or end of a page game, the advertisement can appear, and an interactive game advertisement specially expressing its products can be customized according to the advertiser's product requirements

navigator navigation advertisement

establish the navigation of your own station on the portal station or other related stations if graphene oxide is also antibacterial to other bacteria

(Jiang Weihua Wei)

excerpted from China Computer News, March 20, 2000, issue 20

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