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Hu Aiping, who lives in Xiamen, asked someone to register a technology company in Shanghai and registered a station on the Internet. He sold nonexistent automation equipment in the name of this shell company. A company in Nanjing was in urgent need of purchasing transistors. Xiao Liu, a salesman, contacted boss Hu on the Internet and paid a deposit and payment of more than 120000 yuan, but he didn't wait for the delivery of the other party. Xiao Liu rushed to Shanghai and found that the address of the technology company was inconsistent. Hu Aiping was missing, so he quickly reported the case to the police

33 year old Hu Aiping is from Fujian and has been sentenced for fraud. In September, 2013, Hu Aiping spent money to ask his friends to help first. He obtained the business license, official seal, industrial and commercial tax registration form, company silver, etc. of Yuqiao automation technology (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. from the Shanghai Municipal Department of industry and commerce, and then spent money to hire someone to establish an automation equipment sales Station on his network, becoming a boss

Yuqiao company has no actual address, let alone any products and businesses, but Hu Aiping advertised on the Internet in the name of the company, pretending to sell automated electronic equipment and waiting for someone to be hooked

an electronic technology Co., Ltd. in Nanjing urgently needs to buy crystal diodes and other products "The performance of this kind of new thermoplastic is better than that of commercial plastics such as ABS. Xiao Liu, the buyer, contacted Hu Aiping through an inquiry on the website and wanted to buy electronic accessories at Hu Aiping. Hu Aiping immediately agreed when he saw that there was a fish hooked. In order to dispel Xiao Liu's concerns, Hu Aiping uploaded the company's business license to Xiao Liu. Xiao Liu was still not at ease, and he specially checked with the Shanghai Department of industry and Commerce on the same day to confirm the other company The vigilance was relaxed after existence. After negotiation, Xiao Liu felt that Hu Aiping's offer was reasonable, so he approved the business

on September 22, 2013, Xiao Liu signed three purchase contracts with Hu Aiping by fax to purchase 130000 yuan of crystal 1dan exchange rate declining body tube products from Yuqiao automation technology company, and paid a 30% down payment on the day the contract came into effect. Hu Aiping promised that the contract would take effect immediately, and the goods would be delivered within 3-5 weeks, and 70% of the balance would be paid after the goods arrived. After signing the contract, Xiao Liu paid more than 30000 yuan to Hu Aiping's bank card. On October 14, Hu Aiping called Xiao Liu and said that the goods had arrived. Please pay the balance immediately. Xiao Liu didn't think much about it, so he put the balance of more than 90000 yuan into Hu Aiping's bank card. In the afternoon of the next day, Xiao Liu found it strange that the goods did not appear. When he called Hu Aiping to confirm the delivery path, he found that he could not contact the other party again. Xiao Liu felt something was wrong and immediately left for Shanghai, which effectively reduced the processing difficulty of CFRP reinforced composites. According to the address left in the contract, he couldn't find Yuqiao company and Hu Aiping at all. Only then did he confirm that he had been cheated and hurried to call the police

Hu Aiping took out all the money after receiving the payment, and then threw away all the company seals and business licenses used in the crime. He squandered all the stolen money of more than 120000 yuan. After receiving the report, the police launched an investigation and soon arrested Hu Aiping who was hiding at home in Xiamen. Hu Aiping was recently prosecuted by the Gulou District Procuratorate of Nanjing on suspicion of contract fraud

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